Automation Friendly Latest Version Download URL

  • For Automation sake, a simple and quick way to help everyone out that installs notepad++ as a part of an automated script would be to have a download link that instead of having the version in the filename it would be npp-latest.extension or something to that effect. that way anytime the automation scripts are fired off, we could always ensure we are installing the latest version.

    We use Ansible to configure multiple servers at once and they all get notepad++ via chocolatey. however often chocolatey falls behind on the updates as the update has to be created manually with each version of notepad++. if there was a link that never changed, but always got updated to the newest installer package for notepad++ would not have to be updated.

    Please let me know if this seems like a possible option.

  • issue exists as … might want to upvote it or add comments.

    as that issue points out, you can grab, which gives an XML file with the current download URL, so you could parse that XML to get the actual download URL.

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