Bullet list (special Characters)

  • Is there a way to format notepad++ with Bullets, using numbers or special Characters?

    • name1
    • name2

  • @sadicus

    Here’s how I do it:

    - name1
    - name2


    * name1
    * name2


    o name1
    o name2


    1. name1
    2. name2

  • @sadicus, @scott-sumner and All,

    Seemingly, @sadicus said

    Is there a way to format notepad++ with Bullets…

    However, Scott, what you described, concerns, only, what is written in our NodeBB forum !! Or I miss something obvious ?



  • @guy038 said:

    Or I miss something obvious ?

    I wasn’t talking about the forum.

    All you missed was my (bad/slight) attempt at humor. As you know we get a lot of questions about Notepad++ and word-processing functions. As hopefully most everyone knows by now, Notepad++ is a text editor and as such does not possess many w.p. functions like bulleting or auto-numbering of bullet points.

    Given that, I really do what I said, in text files…but I don’t think that was what the OP was after. But hopefully if the OP does read this s/he will understand the situation with bulleting.

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