Copy/paste from WinSCP only pastes15-20 lines

  • Copy/pasting log files into Notepad or Notepad++, I am only able to paste a tiny part of what is copied to the clipboard. I can paste the entire clipboard into a WORD document. Clearing the clipboard does not help. Please…someone…help me figure this out!

  • @lyn-wilson

    Maybe you have mixed line endings in the clipboard data? If so, that might be the problem.

    To see if this may be it, after you paste into NPP, use Ctrl-A to highlight all, then on the menu, select Edit–>EOL Conversion–>{pick one of the formats}.

  • Hmmm…standard ways of pasting into Notepad++ shouldn’t propagate mismatched line-endings… But I suppose if we never hear back from the OP on this it is pointless to ponder it…

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