Why can't we allow rename a temp file ?!

  • Hi All, like many i am also fan of Notepad ++ bcz its free and it has cool stuff around it , great guys , keep it, but i like to know why the option to rename a temp file (file which is not saved yet ) should allow rename since i see then any get saved in some ‘AppData\Roaming\Notepad++\backup’ … folder

    why i am asking this mostly we keep stuff in stack and I don’t like to them to save them, since I keep them for few days in my plate I struggle recall which new 1, new 2, … has what stuff

    hence is it not better idea to allow them to rename and leave them as not saved so that user can trash it intently

    its just thought, enjoy


  • @Subbarao-Manapragada

    there is already an enhancement request open which addresses this feature.
    Maybe you wanna update this with your suggestions and upvote the initial one.
    But as long as no dev is interested in such a feature it might take some time,
    before this get implemented.

    I like that idea.


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