Language styler for User Defined Language Style - <anything>(

  • Hi, I’m working with some PLC code, which has thousands of built-in functions, and I can write my own functions also. A function syntax can be identified by any single word immediately followed by an open bracket (.
    x = sin(2.8)
    StartConnection_2(now(), 2)

    Short of adding every single function to my keyword list (including every new function I write), is there anyway to define “<anything>(” as an item which can be styled?


    [Before you ask - I’m using NotePad++ to view/edit the PLC code because the search function in the native editor/compiler doesn’t work, and so I can export formatted code to documentation.]

  • @Scott-C

    No, that is one of those features UDL isn’t good at it.
    What you can do, if by any chance you are using or willing to install python script plugin,
    is described here.


  • I have the same request how to make notepad++ recognize any function with func(); style and hightlight it?

  • @imdjs

    May I ask you whether you read the link from previous last post?
    Or do you have something other in mind?


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