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  • I apologize if this question has been posted before. I did try searching for an answer to my problem, but didn’t find anything. Hopefully, I’m not the only person with this issue.

    Here is my issue: I am using multiple displays. When I open Notepad++ and then open the Replace dialog box, it will open on top of the Notepad++ main window. However, if I close the dialog box and then move the application to another display and open the replace dialog box again, the dialog box opens on the first screen. It does not follow the main application window.

    I realize in the grand scheme of things, this probably isn’t that big of a deal, but it slows me down when I right-click to replace some text and not seeing the dialog box right away, I have to stop and go looking for it.

    Is there an option somewhere in Notepad++ that will open the replace dialog box on top of the Notepad++ window no matter where the application windows gets moved to?


  • I’m not sure if it works as I don’t have currently 2 monitors to test but pressing “Ctrl+F” with already open and active find/replace dialog should return it in default postion.

  • I just confirmed on a multi-monitor: If I have NPP in one monitor and the Find dialog in another, and I hit Ctrl+F, the Find dialog will move to the same monitor as NPP.

    Specifically, if the NPP window is active, the first Ctrl+F will activate the Find dialog, and the second Ctrl+F will move it. If the Find dialog is already the active window, then you just need a single Ctrl+F to move it to NPP’s monitor.

    Thanks, @bahusoid : I just learned something new.

  • Hi @peterjones, and All,

    Never noticed, either !! I can confirm that, on a MONO -screen configuration :

    • When you open N++, in FULL screen mode, and then use the Ctrl + F , Ctrl + H or Ctrl + Shift + F shortcuts, the corresponding dialog opens, centered in the rectangle, from first line of tabs till bottom of screen and from left to right side of screen !

    • Now, move, deliberately, the Search/Replace/Find in Files dialog, elsewhere, on screen

    • If focus is on main text window , while the Search/Replace/Find in Files dialog is in the background

      • A first use of the Ctrl + F , Ctrl + H or Ctrl + Shift + F shortcuts puts the focus, again, on the corresponding dialog and selects all the possible characters of the Find what: zone
    • If focus is on the Search/Replace/Find in Files dialog :

      • The use of Ctrl + F move the Search/Replace/Find in Files dialog to its default centered location

      • The use of Ctrl + H deletes the possible selection or the backward character, in the Find what zone ( as Ctrl + H = Backspace = \x{0008} )

      • The use of Ctrl + Shift + F has NO effect

    Best Regards,


  • That behavior is relatively new. It appeared sometime between 7.2.2 and 7.4.2 – it is in 7.4.2. I’m not inclined to pin it down any closer than that. And maybe something from that time period is not entitled to be called “relatively new”. But it may help explain why it seemingly hasn’t been noticed before.

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