Can I modify the existing Fortran (fixed form) style to improve the folding?

  • I apologize if this is a silly question, first time posting.

    In this demo code, the folding on the left side is not what I expected. I need to be able to fold every subroutine separately.
    Stock Fortran fixed form

    I created a demo UDL that looks like this:
    My UDL

    And that seemed to work as shown:
    Using my UDL

    Now, can I add this modification to the existing Fortran (fixed form)?

  • Unfortunately, there can be only one lexer in play – either the builtin Fortran (fixed form) will be active, or your UDL will be active.


    1. live with the limitations of the builtin lexer
    2. live with the limitations of the UDL (and make it more complete)
    3. write your own lexer plugin (or pay someone to do it)
    4. try out @Claudia-Frank’s PythonScript-based lexers (search the forums) that you might be able to customize to get what you want.
    5. submit a bug report – I am not sure whether the builtin lexers are proprietary to scintilla, or just to NPP; if Scintilla, it would have to be thru their issues tracker (and then NPP would have to update it’s scintilla to match); if NPP, it would have to be thru the NPP issues tracker (see the FAQ )

  • Thanks Peter, I had a feeling this was the case but wanted to get an expert opinion. I wish there was a way to copy the builtin lexer to a UDL then make modifications to it.

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