How to use Notepad++ to view EDI documents

  • Hi there!

    I work a great deal with EDI documents and would to know how do I have Notepad++ display the raw EDI files by segment and not wrap around text as it does now?

    Hopefully there are other people here which use Notepad++ to view their EDI documents and they can share some tips!

    Thanks in advance,

  • There is the View > Word Wrap toggle. With Word Wrap disabled, a long line will go off the right side of the screen, and not start a new line until EOL (CRLF, CR, or LF) is encountered. With it enabled, a line longer than your screen will wrap to the next line.

    Since I don’t know whether EDI documents are always newline-terminated for each “segment”, I don’t know if that’s sufficient for you. If not, you might want to embed a few lines (confidential info redacted), prefixing each line with four spaces, and surrounding your quote by a blank line on each end. With that example, you might be able to explain and/or show a screenshot as to what NPP is doing (screenshot > > ![](https://url/to/image.png)), and explain what you’d actually like it to do.

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