Feature request: Shortcut Mapper: jump to the respective key when pushing a key

  • When I’m editing the keyboard shortcuts (Settings -> Shortcut Mapper), I push the “Modify” button or I simply double click on a shortcut and a small window opens, allowing me to (re)define the shortcut keys. Then I choose the drop-down button in order to set the main key for that shortcut.
    What I’m asking for is this: when I push F5, the F5 key should be automatically selected in the drop-down list, instead of me having to scroll dow to find the F5 key


  • @SuperCPU

    Or at least a button could be provided which, when pressed, would tell the user to press the keycombination that is desired to be assigned for the current function. This is how the editor I used before Notepad++ worked. It is sort of laborious to assign a shortcut in Notepad++, but fortunately it isn’t something one does constantly.

  • It’s not a full on “push F5 key” solution… but if you click the pulldown, instead of scrolling, you can type F a few times, and it will take you to the F character, and then the F1, and then F2… at which point, the scrolling to the appropriate F# isn’t as heinous.

  • @PeterJones
    I didn’t know about that, that’s useful to know. However, it would be nice to work for Numpad 0, Numpad 1, Insert, Delete, etc.

    The solution @Scott-Sumner mentioned is the best, that’s how shortcuts are defined in Free Commander too.

  • @SuperCPU,

    I understand the solution you and Scott were thinking of would be best. I was just trying to give you a workaround, because even if you do submit a feature request, it may be quite some time (if ever) before that request is implemented.

    The workaround does work for “Numpad 0” or “INS” or “DEL” or others: you just type the first character of the text of the menu item: for “Numpad 0”, you would hit “N” twice; for “INS”, you would hit “I” once (because the INS entry comes before the I entry); similarly type “D” for “DEL”. That’s the way it works in Notepad++, and quite a few other Windows applications with dropdown menus: if you type the first character of the option, it will go to the next option that starts with that character.

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