Spell Check Automatically

  • How can this feature be turned off? I am using Notepad++ under the Dutch Language and each text word is underlined which makes reading the xml file terribly.

  • @Han-Kortekaas

    I don’t know about the Dutch version, but if I were desiring to do this under the English version I would have a look here:


  • permanently disable this feature

    You have to uncheck this option:

    Settings » Preferences » MISC » Clickable Link Settings

    Clickable Link Settings

    Once you’ve changed the setting, you will need to reopen the file in Notepad++ (or restart the application) for it to take effect.

  • @Emma-Martin

    Your post has nothing to do with what is being discussed in this thread.

  • The notifications area says that @JimDailey “upvoted” me in this thread, but by hovering I see no upvotes from Jim. Thus am I to presume that Jim downvoted my reply to @Emma-Martin and that the site software has a bug regarding this?

    BTW, I stand by my opinion that Emma’s reply had nothing to do with this thread’s topic. I commented that way for future readers that might come here and be misled into thinking that advice was a solution for the original problem.

  • @Scott-Sumner, now that I’ve upvoted you (so you have net 0), what do you see when I hover over? I see just my name.

    I think the hover over gets a bit confused when downvotes come into play; as we’ve discussed before, it doesn’t show who downvoted. I wonder whether @JimDailey upvoted and then un-upvoted, and then (or before) someone else downvoted? Hmm, if I un-upvote, your score goes back to -1, but it still shows my name when you hover over. I’d better re-upvote, just so that you don’t start claiming I downvoted you again. :-)

    When I upvoted and then un-upvoted your second post, I still see my name when I hover over the score, even though the score is 0. I’ll try coming back to this thread after finishing this post and leaving it, and see what I see at that point (and report back).

  • Reporting back: now “PeterJones” still shows up over your 0 on the first post, but nothing hovers over your 0 on the second… so it cleared out my vote completely.

    What notifications did you get from me on this thread?

  • @PeterJones said:

    What notifications did you get from me on this thread?

    I got 2 upvotes. I don’t really care about this stuff, I was actually just giving Jim a hard time (probably wrongly). :-D

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