File changed check loses focus from last file

  • Hello,
    Most of the time I have some log files open in Notepad++ which may get changed in the background, but occasionally need to load a new file, in that moment pop-ups start showing asking “do you wish to reload” those files or that “some files are no longer available” which when I hit Ok, changes tab focus on the reloaded log file and doesn’t return to that new file I wanted to look at. I would make a suggestion, to show the file modified question pop-up only when user clicks on that particular tab to look a that file but keep tab focus on the last file that was loaded via Explorer.
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  • @David-Luca

    Bug reports and feature requests are filed on github, see a bit more detail on the process here. I’m sure this one already exists for this so logging a new one is pointless and just adds to the massive clutter. Try some searching and then you can add any new input you have about the problem as a comment to an existing issue. You be the judge about the likelihood of this being “fixed” anytime soon when you see the number of open issues.

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