Unofficial strings for translations

  • 2016.02.14
    Please find update here.

    Below 1 items were added to the master English.xml, as part of PR #759, so these are not anymore unofficial:

    Under <ColumnEditor title=“Column Editor”>
    <Item id=“2036” name=“Repeat :”/>

    Below 6 items are choosed not to be included in translations by Don.
    Still you can include them in your translations for your responsibility:

    Under <Delimiter title=“Delimiter”>
    <Item id=“6257” name=“bla bla bla bla bla”/>
    <Item id=“6258” name=“bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla”/>
    Denied by Don in PR #542.
    I guess this is not included in master file because it can be understood in other languages. :)

    These 3 items are only appearing in menu if “Customize Toolbar” plugin is installed.
    For Customize Toolbar 4.0 (this version is installed by default from Plugin manager!):
    Under <Commands>
    <Item id=“44012” name=“Hide Line Number Margin”/>
    <Item id=“44013” name=“Hide Bookmark Margin”/>
    <Item id=“44014” name=“Hide Folder Margin”/>
    For Customize Toolbar 4.1 the ID’s are changed! (4.1 can be installed manually):
    Under <Commands>
    <Item id=“44212” name=“Hide Line Number Margin”/>
    <Item id=“44213” name=“Hide Bookmark Margin”/>
    <Item id=“44214” name=“Hide Folder Margin”/>
    Denied by Don in PR #542.
    These lines are not supported by Don in the master English.xml. Quote from him:
    “Plugin translations will never be in localization file - not only because of maintenance problem, but especially the id of plugin commands are assigned dynamically.”

    Under <Cloud title=“Cloud”>
    <Item id=“6261” name=“Please restart Notepad++ to take effect.”/>
    Denied by Don in PR #759.
    Quote from him:
    “Item id=“6261” is used also for “Invalid path”, it’s currently hard coding so I prefer to keep it untranslatable.”
    Otherwise, this item just needs to be uncommented.

    The complete known real unofficial items are these 3 below, for version 6.8.8, modified on 2016.02.14:

    Under <DefaultDir title=“Default Directory”>
    <Item id=“6430” name=“Use new style save dialog (without file extension feature)”/>

    Under <Scintillas title=“Editing”>
    <Item id=“6235” name=“No edge”/>

    Under <Commands>
    <Item id=“47012” name=“Debug Info”/>

    PR #1475 is created for this latter three!

  • From Notepad++ 6.9

    Under <Commands>

    <Item id="44085" name="Folder as Workspace"/>

    but can’t find how to translate the title bar of the panel when this option is activated, also the right click menu in it. Also in Preferences -> MISC. -> Workspace file ext.: is untranslatable

  • Under <MISC title=“MISC.”>

    for Preferences -> MISC. -> Workspace file ext.:

    <Item id="6337" name="Workspace file ext.:"/>

  • For the next version

    Under <Commands>

    <Item id="41022" name="Open Folder as Workspace"/>

  • @rddim
    Hi rddim!
    Thanks a lot for posting the new items.
    Actually i’m still waiting the previous PR #1475 to be implemented first. It will be 2 months soon since it registered, bit it’s still not even assigned to anybody.

    It’s a little bit indeed annoying and demotivating that how us translators are so much ignored.

  • //offtopic

    hi @batagy
    I’m completely agreed with you. It is hard to keep translations up-to-date. In Mozilla Firefox I use an addon that track the changes of the menuCmdID.h source code file. You can try someone, there are tons of addons :)

  • For the next version

    Under <Commands>

    <Item id="44097" name="Log Monitoring"/>

  • In version 7.5.5

    <Folder title=“Folder && Default”>

    • <Item id=“21127” name=“Styler”/>

  • When checking for updates the dialog title is:
    “Notepad++ update” and dialog message is:
    “No update is available.”
    I would like those to be translateable.

  • @JNylson
    I’m no sure if you’re right.

    We have already 4 ‘Styler’ strings in that block, but neither id is 21127. We have these 4 below:
    <Folder title=“Folder && Default”>
    <Item id=“21102” name=“Styler”/>
    <Item id=“21227” name=“Styler”/>
    <Item id=“21327” name=“Styler”/>
    <Item id=“21427” name=“Styler”/>

    I don’t see any untranslated item in master english.xml which needs additionally.

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