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  • Hello

    As I wanted to ask a question to Notepad++ I wanted to register me for the community.

    But I did not found a possibility to register me.
    Only when I click the log-in there is possible to log in for example with the google account.

    So I logged me in with my google account. But this is not what I wanted. I would prefer to register me only for this community. But I did not found this possibility. Did I miss it?

    Thank you for clarification.

  • You didn’t miss it. Years ago (before I joined the community), it was decided to only log in via external logins, like a google account.

    I wasn’t a party to that decision, but I think it’s a good one. In my opinion:

    • it’s much better for the community: no passwords are stored on the community server, and thus it’s not the community’s responsibility to ensure better server security; and, if there is a breach, it will be on the google/etc end, where their huge paid teams of security experts will be all over it, rather than requiring the volunteer admins of this community to become security experts.
    • it’s better for the user: as a user, I have more trust in the ability of the google team to proactively prevent security issues than I do with the volunteers here (no offense to Don and the others). And, as a user, I find it easier to be always logged into Google, and just have to every once in a while (once a week) have the community ping google’s OATH server to verify I’m still me. (it also means fewer passwords to remember).

  • Thank you.

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