Have new files auto-save, when close/reopen n++... Session Manager not working?

  • Hey all,
    I switched to the 64 bit version of N++ a few months ago (just cause most of my apps are 64bit).
    The ability to have these random ‘new 1’, ‘new 2’, ‘new 3’ unsaved files/tabs was great feature of N++ as I would put some notes in them and still have them available even though i didn’t actually save any of them (there is no ‘new 1.txt’ on my filesystem).
    Today that stopped working. Not sure why. I thought this feature was the ‘Session Manager’ plugin but i dont see a 64bit version of that plugin available online. So I switched to the 32 bit version of N++ and installed the ‘Plugin Manager’ plugin manually then installed the ‘Session Manager’ plugin but its still not auto-saving ‘new’ files.
    Keeps asking to save the file when i close N++. Before it didnt do that. It would save a file temporarily somewhere and re-open it on next load (i believe this feature is different than the AutoSave and AutoSave2 plugins as I never installed those)…
    How do i get this functionality back?
    Is it a native feature in the N++ settings? or should ‘Session Manager’ handle this functionality automatically (i didnt change any of its settings).
    Let me know,

  • It’s a builtin feature, which is still there in 64bit: Settings > preferences > backup ☑ Enable Session snapshot and periodic backup

    Note: you are asking for trouble if you are relying on any editor to save unsaved/unnamed files for you in a reliable manner. And since your “save a file temporarily somehere” comment shows that you don’t understand the feature all that well, I’d be highly reticent to use it, if I were you. (As a hint, the setting I mentioned above should help answer where the files are being backed up, once you do enable the feature.) But it still seems ill advised for you to make use of it.

    If you do decide to make use of it, be careful of critical data in unnamed/unsaved files: my advice is that you take ownership of your own plan for maintaining critical data – through knowing where your files are stored, naming them meaningfully, and having sufficient version control and backup to ensure that you don’t lose important information.

  • Hey Peter,
    Yes that worked. Thanks!
    Yah realize I’m asking for trouble (occasionally/rarely I’ve had that backup functionality not work)… Its just ‘quick notes’ that aren’t that important so I don’t mind losing them.

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