Different zoom factor for each tab

  • Personally I would find it much more valuable for each tab (i.e. each document that I am editing or viewing) to be able to have an independent zoom factor. Here is a current example of why I need this:
    I have several tabs open with source files, which are well view-able with the default zoom factor.
    I have another tab open with a log file, that often has very long lines. This is much more easily view able with “zoom out” selected three times to eliminate multiple line wraps. But having done this, I then can’t read my source code. So as I flip backwards and forwards between the log file and the source files, trying to chase down a bug, I keep having to zoom in three times and then zoom out three times. If each document could be independently zoomed, things would be so much easier. It after all the contents of the document that determines what zoom factor is appropriate.

    Could this be added to the wish list for future enhancements please?

    Thanks - Rowan

  • Hello, @rowan-sylvester-bradley, and All,

    Presently, this feature is not implemented in current N++ versions. But, as a work-around, you may, simply, use the “two views” functionality of N++ !

    So :

    • Open, normally, your two source and log files, in Notepad++

    • Then, right-click on the tab of your log file, and choose, in the contextual menu, the option Move to other view

    • May be, the separation line will be a vertical boundary. As I presume that an horizontal separation should produce better displaying, just right-click on that boundary and choose the option Rotate to right or Rotate to left

    • Finally, choose a different zoom value for the main view and the secondary view ;-))

    Remarks :

    • Of course, you can modify the hight ( width) of each view, by mouse-dragging the boundary line, up or down ( left or right )

    • You may, temporarily, hide a view, with a left click on one of the two “chevrons, located at the beginning and at the end of this boundary line

    • Use the default F8 shortcut, to switch between each views

    • When you want to move a file from one view to another, just click on its tab and move it to the other view zone

    Best regards,


    P.S. :

    A second method to place a first file in the secondary view panel, ( even easier ! ) :

    • Left-click on the tab file and drag it down in the windows text area

    • Release the left mouse button

    • Finally, choose the option Move to other view

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