Notepad++ 7.5.9 release

  • @guy038
    so far so good… I didn’t test it for long, but seems that fix is working
    thx for info

  • @Jeison-Rutz I was able to bring back responsiveness by simply unchecking from the menu Plugins --> DSpellCheck --> Spell Check Document Automatically (Alt+A). Responsiveness came back immediately, no restart required so there is definitely something wrong with that plugin.

    @guy038 Replacing the dll worked for me. I was able to re-enable spell check and responsiveness is still good. Thanks for finding the solution!

  • Hello, @don-ho and All

    Regarding my description of the bug, when switching tabs, here :

    I also tried in a DOS Console window, with the command notepad++.exe -noPlugin and, unfortunately, the problem is still here : when you switch from, for instance, change.log to the big test file, containing long lines, it takes significant time :-((

    I just did that test to verify if the DSpellCheck plugin was concerned, because of the issue #151

    But, luckily, it’s a separated problem ! Or, at least, on a Win XP machine !



  • Hi, @harold-krueger-IV,

    I’m not the one who deserves thanks ! Indeed, it is Sergey Semushin (alias Predelnick), the creator of DSpellCheck, who found a solution ;-))

    Best Regards,


  • Just to doublecheck and confirm @guy038 , DSpellCheck's issue has nothing to do with the big file tabswitch freeze.

    With a vanilla Notepad++ install, removing DSpellCheck (and all other plugins, via folder deletion) doesn’t change anything; results are the same as described in prior posts, for both the plain text and javascript test cases.

    Seems it’s basically cross-OS too:
    Notepad++ v7.5.9 (64-bit)
    Build time : Oct 14 2018 - 15:19:55
    Path : C:\Program Files\Notepad++\notepad++.exe
    Admin mode : OFF
    Local Conf mode : OFF
    OS : Windows 10 (64-bit)
    Plugins : none

    I have an win xp machine I could try it on, but it looks like @guy038 already did that. I can say though that on win xp, prior Notepad++ versions always had the instant tabswitch with the background rendering.

  • I can reproduce now by comparing the performance between 7.5.8 and 7.5.9
    In my experience, the performance issue has gone after removing DSpellCheck.dll

    @Fox-E @Harold-Krueger-IV Could you remove DSpellCheck.dll then see if the issue has gone?

    @Predelnik Notepad++ 7.5.8 contains DSpellCheck 1.3.2, whereas Notepad++ 7.5.9 contains DSpellCheck 2.1.4 - so clearly there’s a performance issue in DSpellCheck 2.1.4.

  • Hi, Don, and All,

    • First, Don, after verifying from zip and 7z archives of N++ v7.5.9 ( in versions 32 or 64 ), I suppose that you meant that Notepad++ v7.5.9 contains DSpellCheck v1.4.6.0 ( and not 2.1.4 ?? )

    • Secondly, I re-tested my 7.5.9 local installation, after removing, either, DSpellCheck.dll file and, even, the DSpellCheck.ini file and the folder Hunspell and I can only conclude that the bug still occurs :-(( At least, on my Win XP laptop !

    So, seemingly, it would not be related to DSpellCheck !?



    P.S. :

    I had placed all DSpellCheck stuff, in the ..\plugins\Doc folder

  • @donho No change here, still getting the issue. Checked again just now with a fresh, vanilla 7.5.9 install, deleted DSpellCheck.dll, and tested with Normal Text.

    I did just notice though that you specifically have to switch tabs to see the issue; if you open a new tab, and paste a huge file in, it’ll instantly display (basically*) just fine. It’s only when you start switching tabs around that the issue happens.

    *: Obviously as you get into really huge files, like 20 MB or 100 MB, it takes more and more time to paste, but this is normal, and has nothing to do with tabswitch freezing.

  • Hi @don-ho, @fox-e, and All,

    And, above all, ONLY IF the Word Wrap feature is checked !!



  • I think I have found the issue and fixed it.
    Could you guys test this binary and confirm me that?

  • @donho That fixes it!

    For anyone else who wants to test that binary, it’s x86, by the way.

  • @Predelnik The issue has been identified. Sorry for the wrong presumption.

  • @don-ho and All,

    It’s OK for me, too, on my Win XP 32 bits laptop !

    Thanks for your quick debugging ;-))



  • Hi @don-ho and All,

    Regarding the DSpellCheck plugin, and the issue #151, below :

    It’s important to point out that the problem can be observed ONLY IF the option Spell Check Document Automatically option of the plugin is ON !

    So, although the DSpellCheck plugin is completely installed, on N++ v7.5.9, you will NOT notice the Exception window, with the message vector <T> too long, when this option is OFF ;-))

    But the good news is that the last attempt of @Predelnik, to fix this bug ( see below ) works fine, even on a Win XP config ;-)



  • @donho said:

    I think I have found the issue and fixed it.
    Could you guys test this binary and confirm me that?

    That was my commit ! My bad ! Sorry
    I’ll investigate to find a workaroud.

  • It appears that the Folder as Workspace updating problem has returned after being fixed in 7.5.8

  • @abdelhameedma said:

    I got this excetion when trying to use vertical scroller with wider XML file:


    vector<T> too long

    fyi, I am using “XML Tools” plugin

    I have the same problem. Any fix?

  • @guy038 , @donho

    About the performance issue you have reported, I’ve found something strange which may be related to the original bug I Tried to fix.
    With version v7.5.8 (32-bit) and a big file (520 000 lines, caret on line 200000, like you described in previous post) we don’t have performance issue but when the buffer is activated and available for editing, something is going on beetween notepad++ and scintilla engine. The vertical scroll bar is changing its position. It takes around 15 seconds until background processing stops.

    Please checkout my video

    You’ll see the buffer activation of this big file without word wrap and then with word wrap.
    You’ll also see process explorer software that show the CPU usage.

    Guy, can you please confirm what I saw ?


  • Hello, @cmeriaux and All,

    Christophe, you said

    I’ve found something strange which may be related to the original bug

    Unfortunately, it’s been a long time since I noticed that using the “Wrap around” option, drastically reduces Notepad++'s global performance :-((

    For instance, with the Wrap around option set, time may be significant in order to :

    • Move to an line, near the end of an huge file, with the Search > Goto... option

    • Get the very end of an huge file, with the Ctrl + End shortcut

    • Switch between a “normal” file and an huge one

    Note that, with the Don’'s fix, relative to the v7.5.9 version, the delay while switching from a small file to an huge file, has become normal, again, but text may still take up to one second to be displayed, and, unfortunately, this delay increases when the file size is increasing !

    As you, I noticed, that after switching to an important file, during 30s about, on my weak XP config, the vertical scroll bar moves slowly downwards, from its exact position and, after the delay, quickly moves back to its correct position ;-))

    I did some tests, with the option -noPlugin, on two fresh locale installs of N++, versions v7.5.8 and v7.5.9, with Don’s fix, and with a same important file and results are quite similar and should be identical with prior versions, too !

    So, just one rule to remember : if you open an “huge” file, preferably, untick the “Wrap around” feature ;-))



  • @guy038

    Is this “huge file” displayed with or without syntax highlighting? Has it a file extension (e.g. .c, .cs , .cpp and so on) which causes it to be parsed by a FunctionList parser? Do you have turned on the Document Map?

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