User defined language for customs logs

  • Hello,
    I’m wondering what is the best way to format the text of a custom log file (generated by my application) that look like this (comma-separated: Date;Time;Type (DEBUG, COMMAND, INFO, ERROR, etc…);Message):

    2018-10-14;23:44:20;DEBUG;printing 218 lines
    2018-10-14;23:44:20;DEBUG;printing 199 lines
    2018-10-14;23:44:20;DEBUG;printing 177 lines
    2018-10-14;23:44:20;DEBUG;printing 155 lines
    2018-10-14;23:44:20;DEBUG;printing 132 lines

    My intention is to colored each line according with the log type (DEBUG, COMMAND, INFO, …).

    I appreciated any suggestions.


    Lao Hu

    PS: BTW, I think the editor is wonderful!

  • Hello @Lao-Hu
    I don’t use UDL myself but there is documentation for defining a custom UDL for Notepad++.

    would be a good location to start with.
    There are also several posts related to UDL. You could do a search (use the magnifying icon at top of the page, near centre), to locate them for additional reading.


  • Hi Terry,
    Thanks for taking time to reply and give the suggestions.
    The documentation was very useful. I got pretty good results.
    I’m still playing around the configuration. Perhaps, I will change the log format to be notepad friendly.
    Lao Hu

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