New built-in Plugin Admin (Plugin Manager) is ready

  • @donho said:

    Could you define the API you need by

    Back from garden work and too tired to do anything. Will do it tomorrow.

  • @donho said:

    Quick check in the SurroundSelection, found out the reason:
    The name of plugin in the package is SurroundSelection_64.dll instead of SurroundSelection.dll.

    Ah yes you are right. Unfortunately I don’t know when I’ll have time to repackage/release them with the correct naming convention.

  • @donho

    Query full plugin DLL file path by message sent to Npp

    As far as I know Npp is not able to know which plugin has sent a message to it. Thus the plugin has to send:

    • its HMODULE (or some other unique ID known by Npp)
    • a pointer to a buffer receiving the plugin DLL path
    • the length of this buffer.

    These are three parameters, that means it is one too much. In the following my proposal.

    An additional struct type has to be introduced which can hold the buffer pointer and its length. The DLL HMODULE should be send as WPARAM and a pointer to the aforementioned struct as LPARAM.

    // BOOL NPPM_GETPLUGINDLLFILEPATH(HMODULE hDllModuleHandle, bufferDesc *buffer)
    // Get full plugin DLL file path.
    // If the function succeeds the return value is TRUE and the variable bufLen
    // points to contains the number of TCHARs which have been copied to the buffer
    // (not including the terminating 0-TCHAR).
    // If the buffersize is too small the function fails. The return value is FALSE
    // and the variable bufLen points to contains the number of TCHARs needed to hold
    // the full plugin DLL file path (not including the terminating 0-TCHAR).
    // If the function fails for another reason the return value is FALSE and the
    // variable bufLen points to is set to 0.
    // hDllModuleHandle can be obtained in DllMain when it is called with DLL_PROCESS_ATTACH.
    // It is possible to call the function with bufDllPath set to NULL and the variable
    // bufLen points to set to 0 to obtain the needed buffer size.
            struct bufferDesc {
              TCHAR *bufDllPath;
              DWORD *bufLen;

    If you have any idea for another way to identify the calling plugin DLL feel free to change the API and its definition.

  • @donho

    When digging in PowerEditor/src/MISC/PluginsManager/Notepad_plus_msgs.h I became aware that there is a problem with NPPM_GETPLUGINSCONFIGDIR. Its API documentation is very rudimentary. It is not clear if the function can handle paths longer than MAX_PATH (I guess not) and how it handles buffers with insufficient size.

    Wouldn’t it be good to review the code of this function and possibly change its implementation in a way that it can handle paths longer than MAX_PATH and that it is possible to query the needed file path buffer size? Before you ask me: I’m not able to do that because I’m not a C++ dev.

  • @donho
    I’ve seen that you already changed plugin loading behaviour for the next Npp release (commits 7e555b6, e9a489c and 1132125).

    I think it would be a good idea if the installer of the upcoming version would warn users that they can not use all old-style plugins anymore if they continue installation. Otherwise I’m afraid that a lot of angry users will flood the support forum with complains á la “New Npp version is destroying my workflows and productivity!”.

  • @donho

    I came up with an easier way than re-releasing etc all my plugins for 64 bit…here is the entries for the 64 bit list I would appreciate if you could test to make sure they work since I’m currently unable to test it. Thanks.

    		"folder-name": "BetterMultiSelection",
    		"display-name": "BetterMultiSelection",
    		"version": "1.3",
    		"id": "e030a73278798df62c9f956f493e2baff1bb1ac8816c6a42e53a12c178ba56bc",
    		"repository": "",
    		"description": "Provides better cursor movements when using multiple selections.",
    		"author": "Justin Dailey",
    		"homepage": ""
    		"folder-name": "DoxyIt",
    		"display-name": "DoxyIt",
    		"version": "0.4.3",
    		"id": "8b63b3905b595795f263ed81340cf42bfcb0a42e8dabac78872c1bd72cdf59e8",
    		"repository": "",
    		"description": "Support for creating Doxygen comments.",
    		"author": "Justin Dailey",
    		"homepage": ""
    		"folder-name": "ElasticTabstops",
    		"display-name": "ElasticTabstops",
    		"version": "1.3",
    		"id": "c5c9642b0c1b0bb8e59b1922346c3c4f434b29594b2630818eb7b288771e007b",
    		"repository": "",
    		"description": "Support for Elastic Tabstops.",
    		"author": "Justin Dailey",
    		"homepage": ""
    		"folder-name": "LuaScript",
    		"display-name": "LuaScript",
    		"version": "0.8",
    		"id": "96d4eeafe46fa93434b7e4e70140691048c24cb5e40acba93aa1e10a57b19e7e",
    		"repository": "",
    		"description": "Adds Lua scripting capabilities. This provides control over all of Scintilla's features and options with a light-weight, fully-functional programming language.",
    		"author": "Justin Dailey",
    		"homepage": ""
    		"folder-name": "SurroundSelection",
    		"display-name": "SurroundSelection",
    		"version": "1.1",
    		"id": "f31a113cf30fdb286fd4d2dc40d2bfe4e66d0c0567dc5384d84e06635aeb8423",
    		"repository": "",
    		"description": "Automatically surround the selection in quotes/brackets/parenthesis/etc.",
    		"author": "Justin Dailey",
    		"homepage": ""

  • @dail
    64-bit plugins passed. commited and merged.

  • @donho said:

    64-bit plugins passed. commited and merged.

    Thanks! Much appreciated.

  • @dinkumoil said:

    Query full plugin DLL file path by message sent to Npp

    How about “Query full plugins home path by message sent to Npp” ?
    Since there is only one location of plugin from 7.6 version, the plugins home path\pluginUniqueName\pluginUniqueName.dll is full plugin DLL file path.

  • @donho said:

    How about “Query full plugins home path by message sent to Npp” ?

    Would be good too and would reduce the parameters to 2 (pointer to buffer and pointer to buffer length), thus no additional struct neccessary. Would be great if you would implement it this way.

  • @dinkumoil Then it will be:

    // BOOL NPPM_GETPLUGINHOMEPATH (size_t strLen, TCHAR *str)
    // Get plugin home root path.
    // where str is the allocated TCHAR array by user,
    //  strLen is the allocated array size by user
    // The return value is TRUE when get generic_string operation success
    // Otherwise (allocated array size is too small) FALSE

    What do you think ?

  • @donho

    Better would be:

    // INT NPPM_GETPLUGINHOMEPATH(size_t strLen, TCHAR *pluginRootPath)
    // Get plugin home root path.
    // Returns the number of TCHAR copied/to copy.
    // Users should call it with pluginRootPath be NULL to get the required
    // number of TCHAR (not including the terminating nul character), allocate
    // pluginRootPath buffer with the return value + 1, then call it again to
    // get the path.

  • @donho

    Thank you, much appreciated!

  • @donho What do you think about plugin entries regarding we know the plugin, but it could currently not be automatically installed and the user need to do it manually. And later one a hint for installed plugins not known to the PA so the user can report them at

  • @donho,
    I have a quick question here.
    What if there are more that two users on a PC. Only one Admin user and rest are standard users. How PA will work?

    Consider a case:
    Admin installed Npp, so will standard or any other user be able to access PA? I feel ‘nppPluginList.dll’ should go to %allusersprofile% instead of %appdata% or can it be kept in %programfiles% itself?

  • Have the following problem:
    Where can I find the plugin admin in v. 7.6? In the menu bar, I find no entry plugins

  • @Karl-Heinz-Tuchner said:

    Where can I find the plugin admin in v. 7.6? In the menu bar.

    In the german locale there is in the main menu bar an entry Erweiterungen. In its drop down menu you will find an entry Plugin Admin.

  • @Karl-Heinz-Tuchner

    not being able to see plugins or not even the plugin menu normally only happens under the following cases:
    you have installed from the installer and selected the installer option “don’t use %APPDATA%” when you installed it
    you are using the portable release which does not include plugins admin at the moment
    you have put the portable np++ into the Program Files (x86) folder

    could you post your debug info here so we can see how it has been installed ?
    (menu bar > ? > debug info > copy debug info to clipboard)

  • @Meta-Chuh

    Here the debug info:

    Notepad++ v7.6 (64-bit)
    Build time : Nov 13 2018 - 00:12:05
    Path : C:\Program Files\Notepad++\notepad++.exe
    Admin mode : ON
    Local Conf mode : OFF
    OS : Windows 10 (64-bit)
    Plugins : none

    I think I found the mistake.
    I used the option “do not use% APPDATA%”.
    How can I undo this?

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