Is it possible to run notepad++ from CD?

  • I like to create a CD with portable installations of products that allow them and run them from CD when working on a friend’s PC. I don’t want a flash drive because I don’t want to contaminate the drive. I tried running notepad++ minimalist from a CD and it won’t load.

    Is it just not possible, or do I need to be doing something different.

    Also, if I delete the .xml files from the CD, will they be created somewhere else?


  • As far as I know, in local configuration mode (ie, portable), it has to have write permission to the directory, which you won’t have on a CD.

    As a potential workaround, if you’re trying to avoid contaminating your media, you could copy the notepad++ directory from the CD into the TEMP directory on your friend’s PC.

  • Thanks, I figured as much. I will ask for a feature request.

  • @George-Brooks

    It is very doubtful that Notepad++ will be rearchitected to satisfy the one person in the history of Notepad++ (probably) that wants to do something like this. Suggest you consider @PeterJones 's perfectly reasonable workaround.

  • In the history of software development, I am sure that there has been a modification based on an ask by one user. They can say no, but I can still ask. There are many software packages that satisfy this ask without me asking.

    Thanks for the suggestion of workaround. I will check it out.

  • @George-Brooks

    They can say no, but I can still ask

    Sure, you can ask…and they most likely won’t no, they just won’t say anything. Good luck to you. BTW, you can also do the work yourself to make your feature request a reality, and then submit that work for inclusion in Notepad++.

  • @George-Brooks

    Thinking some more about this, why not use the Settings on cloud feature?

    See Settings (menu) -> Preferences… -> Cloud (box on left) -> Settings on cloud -> (tick) Set your cloud location path here…and specify a location.

  • @Scott-Sumner said:

    why not use the Settings on cloud feature?

    So you’d have to hardcode a path to a local (writeable) folder for the cloud settings…hmmm…this doesn’t sound all that practical.

    Copying a portable install of Notepad++ from CD to a temp folder on a local hard drive, using N++ from that folder, then deleting the folder still sounds infinitely more practical than anything else…

  • @George-Brooks

    when i made my old, portable tools cd’s (before switching to usb sticks)
    i simply created an sfx self extracting archive of the portable version of notepad++
    (you can use winrar or 7zip to create one)

    this sfx was automatically extracted and run from %temp% as suggested by @Scott-Sumner, which sufficed my needs at that time, as i couldn’t write back any data to the cd anyways.

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