Can you change Launch IE to Launch Edge

  • Hello my questions regards switching IE to Edge, or being able to add Edge to the Run commands. I am in the Shortcut mapper> Run command tab. I have shortcuts set for Firefox, IE, Chrome. It offers Launch in Safari but I don`t have that one set. or use it. With most sites dropping IE I would like to open my test pages in Edge with a shortcut.

    I did try selecting Safari and selected Modify, I renamed it and changed the hot key. It did not work, Safari is the 4th Browser listed and it is still recognized internally. Regardless of what I call it, all I get is an error dialog: ShellExecute - ERROR /System cannot find the file specified. An attempt was mage to execute the below command. / Command: safari / Arguments: ( C:// and the file path to the.html) Error Code:2

    The only option I have found is to open file in Explorer, I have the shortcut set to Ctrl E then select the file with a context click and get Edge from the Open with that way. A bit of a pain in the butt with CSS changes. Am I missing something or is this something with the API. How would be able to add Edge as a selection as it is not going anywhere soon. The Modify option only allows changing the key selection nothing in the programs functionality. Any input would be great, Thanks ans …Peace

  • @budski82

    There’s a lot going on in your post. I’m not sure if you expect Safari to start just because it is an entry in the Run menu…it isn’t going to if you don’t have Safari installed on your system, it is going to give you just what you got in that case: system cannot find the file specified.

    As you discovered, Modify only allows you to change the keycombination assigned to a Run menu entry, not its functionality. This is correct behavior for Notepad++. If you want to change an existing entry, the method is to create a new entry and then delete the old (existing) one.

    So you CAN set up Edge to run, which you should do as a new Run menu entry. You need to create a “command line” for running edge and passing it the currently active (in Notepad++) HTML filename, using something called $(FULL_CURRENT_PATH).

    Having not had experience with Edge (and not wanting to), I can’t really help you with that command line. There are some more details on doing this that might help you here.

  • See
    e.g. Run -> Run… with input microsoft-edge: is opening a website, but local files seem not to work.

  • @Scott-Sumner Thanks for your reply and input, I was not expecting Safari to open. Just hoping to substitute Edge for its place. More wishful thinking then anything else. I to have avoided Edge even though I am on Windows10. I was bottle feed IE from Vista & Windows 7 with IE9 to present IE11. I mainly use Firefox and Chrome and I only wanted to assign it for ease in testing purposes.

    With HTML5 and CSS3 basically sync`ed or platformed with all new browsers. The major issues of the older days are almost gone. I am learning and still unfamiliar to a lot of things and for the time being. I think the work around by right clicking> Open with from file explorer will do. Maybe they will swap Edge for IE in a future update down the rode, I have enough on my plate. Plus I know my limits, what you and chcg offer are over my head at this time.

    But learning everyday … thanks for you time and energies…Peace

  • update / add-on … It told me I had two wait 1200 seconds, being a new poster and did not have the reputation points…???

    also to add I just updated to NP++v7.5.9 (64-bit) so I had to change the hotkey assignments I have for Run. I noticed F5 is Notepads++ default. So by setting Notepad++ as Edge`s default for html documents. F5 should open the HTML in Edge and my other assigned keys will take care of the other browsers … will find out…Peace

  • @budski82 Got it… made Edge default html then reassigned in Shortcut Mapper. Learned something new today, … Thanks for the karma!!

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