AJC Active Backup 2.7 - instant backups on Windows to protect while you work

  • A while back I created a plugin for Notepad++ to give direct access to AJC Active Backup archives so you can restore or compare back with previous edits with a few clicks.

    If anyone is interested we have just released a new version of Active Backup. This protects you while you work by taking constant backups of files that change and keeping multiple versions for you to undo to. The built in diff can show you what has changed in the files. You choose what folders and file patterns are monitored for change. Files are stored in compact archives that only store the changes each time. Getting back to an earlier version is very quick and simple, just clicking on an icon in the system tray or right clicking on a file. Even if you have a source control system this is very useful because backups are up to the second. It also integrates into Visual Studio and Notepad++ making it even easier to access.

    See AJC Active Backup

  • This commercial has been brought to you by…AJC Active Backup.


  • Ok so I am trying to make a bit of money out of this software but not much because most people just don’t know that this sort of thing exists. So I hope I have not offended anyone by posting it but its just so useful. Most of the time you don’t know its there but when you do something wrong it can be a lifesaver. It’s not just the backup and undo that is useful but the diagnostic ability to see what has gone wrong. e.g. I was working on some php the other day and the whole site just stopped working, there was nothing writing to the php error log so I was at a loss as to what had gone wrong. In Active Backup with a few clicks I was able to discover that I had caught the keyboard and put a character before the <php at the start of a file wrecking it and so php did not even see it to have an error.

    If people are interested in this and its links with Notepad++ then let me know so that I might be able to improve it and the integration further maybe.

  • @Andrew-Cutforth

    I don’t think anyone is offended, but usually such postings have something like this at the bottom:

    Full disclosure: I am the author and I charge money for this.

    So when automatic backups controlled by Notepad++ were suspected of being related to the NUL NUL NUL problem, I turned that feature off and created my own backup-on-every-save feature using Pythonscript and WinZip (command-line). I’m not saying that it is the best-thing-ever, but it works (for me), and it is cheap (free), easy and useful. I guess what I’m trying to say is that it is not all that hard to come up with an independent backup solution for Notepad++ -edited files. This is not to take away anything from your solution, Andrew, just to point out other options. :-)

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