functionList.xml for CSS

  • I just wanted to share this in case it could help someone else. If you edit your functionList.xml file here:


    add this at the top in the associationmap:

     <association id=        "css_class"   		langID="20"                          />

    and add this at the end:

     <!-- ======================================================= [ css_class ] -->
    			id         ="css_class"
    				mainExpr="([\.\#\@]?\w[\.\w\:, \-\r\n\t\(\)]+) *[\r\n,]*? *{+?" 
    					<nameExpr expr="(.)+" />
    		<!-- ================================================================= -->

    It should be able to parse pretty much any css classname in the view->Function List pane.

  • See also #10711 and #15474.

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