Quick key support

  • Is there any way to set a ‘jump to last tab’ key? (and ‘jump to first’ also)
    Any way to make the selected tab jump to last or first?
    Any way to pin tabs to last or first?
    And finally… when moving rows (love this feature!) or while cut/pasting any way to keep token style?

  • @Brian-L

    for the first question:
    jump to first tab, second tab, etc. yes
    ctrl + numpad 1
    ctrl + numpad 2 and so on
    but jump to last is currently not a built in feature

    you’ll find a modifiable list of all built in keyboard shortcuts that currently exist for tabs if you go to:
    settings > shortcut mapper > main menu
    and then enter the word TAB into the search filter at the bottom

    i didn’t find a built in feature for moving tabs to the first/last position, pin tabs as first/last tab or keeping/duplicating style tokens across multiple tabs.
    if you just want to copy paste a tokenized word/section after the style has been set, currently you have to set the style again for one of the instances of this word/section after pasting, or it will be displayed with the default font settings
    maybe someone else has experience with tab related plugins or style token workarounds?