Updater not finding updates

  • Hi,

    I run the Windows x86_64 build on Windows 10 Pro. The updater feature in the app is not finding any updates.
    I have v7.5.9 installed right now. v7.6.0 has been out for at least a week, and check for updates tells me there is no update available.

    But, FileHippo App Manager, and the website both show that v7.6.0 is out, so I am about to manually download it.

    This has been a continual issue for me for at least a year now, only I’ve just now gotten around to trying to figure out why.

  • N++ updates are not immediately available via the updater feature. Just after some time and if no major issues arise. This is a decision of donho, when he activates the deployment of a new version.

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