My npp uses Roaming, not Local, which one should I use?

  • I am on 8.1 64 bit, but using 32 bit npp

    7.6 update guided to create “myAwesomePlugin” folder in %LOCALAPPDATA%\Notepad++\plugins\

    when I put %LOCALAPPDATA%\Notepad++\plugins\ in windows explorer, it said, no such folder.

    There was a %LOCALAPPDATA%\Notepad++\ but that was totally empty.

    I created plugins folder in that and then myAwesomePlugin folder in that.

    I have not yet installed new update so I can’t check whether it is working.

    I want a clarification first that npp is using C:\Users<NAME>\AppData\Roaming\Notepad++
    and is not using C:\Users<NAME>\AppData\Local\Notepad++

    I don’t remember I having changed from Local to Roaming for any reason.

    Was npp previously using Roaming folder and some update changed to Local folder?

    Which folder I should use Local or Roaming, to keep automatic updation from future updates?

    once I had installed 64 bit, but that has removed everything about npp, so I got worried and I had uninstalled 64 bit and went to 32 bit again and everything had started working again as earlier. Was that because of this folder change by any chance? If so, by using Local will I be able to use 64 correctly without needing to make any change?


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