Printer setting for landscape or portrait from the command line

  • I create a result file which varies in width.
    Let’s say with up to 100 characters in one line I would like to print it in portrait (without line wrap)
    From 101 to 160 characters I would like to print in landscape.
    From 161 to 200 character I would print 2 pages in portrait (I create 2 documents and take care for what comes on which side)

    Now I have to care that for printing I set the corrrect orientation for each file (only if I do not use the default setting) and naturally I print some files with the wrong orientation (waste of paper, toner and energy)

    Could I have a command line parameter which allows to provide the printer orientation exactly for the file I am opening?

    That would be a nice feature for me.
    npp++ -orientation_portrait file.txt
    npp++ -orientation_landscape file.txt


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