Plugins Admin seems to be broken

  • Every time I try to install a plugin, it says something on the lines of “We need to restart Notepad++.exe. It will restart once all operations terminate”. However after clicking “OK”, Notepad++ closes, and restarts immediately. However the plugin is not installed. I assume this could be due to proxy issues, but there is no visual alert informing me of a failed operation. As a fallback, I have switched to using the old plugin manager, which seems to download the plugins just fine (which makes me question if it’s really a proxy issue).

    Fallback method

    I would suggest you first read the info here about re-locating your plugins

    Notepad++ new plugins location

    So if you had XMLTools in your old Program Files(x86)/NotePad++/plugins folder, just create a new folder named XMLTools in the new AppData plugins location (described in the link above), and move the XmlTools.dll there.

    Just like XMLTools above, if you had PluginManager.dll under old Plugins folder, create a folder in the new location named PluginManager, and copy the dll in there.

    Restart Notepad++ and you should be able to use the old Plugin Manager.

  • @tranceporter said:

    Restart Notepad++ and you should be able to use the old Plugin Manager.

    It should be noted that though it is possible to get the old Plugin Manager back to a running state under Notepad++ v7.6, currently it is useless because it installs plugins to the wrong location. There have to be made some changes to Plugin Manager to adopt the new plugin hosting model of Notepad++.

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