How ti see what is starting tag without scrolling

  • Let’s say you have a <div class = 'story'> on line number 5 and its ending tag <div> on line number 500 - your current position…

    Clicking on ending tag obviously I need to know its starting tag.

    Do I must scroll up all the 500 lines and track the red lines to get it.

    Why simply not to place this info in status bar, for example.

    Also, writing this post I need to scroll after each line to see what I’m writing. Unbelievable.

  • @Edin-Sujoldzic said:

    Do I must scroll up all the 500 lines and track the red lines to get it.

    Afaik, yes.

    Why simply not to place this info in status bar, for example.

    Maybe because none of the developers didn’t care about such info or didn’t find it useful!?
    You might consider requesting this feature at github !?

    Also, writing this post I need to scroll after each line to see what I’m writing. Unbelievable.

    Does not happen to me - I can type 12 lines before it starts to scroll and if I use the expand arrow on the left, I can even use
    the whole screen.


  • So user must scroll 500 lines up and developers didn’t care. What to say.

  • @Edin-Sujoldzic

    So for me if my caret is inside the <div> and </div> tags and I use the mouse to collapse the “red line”…an up arrow press puts my caret on the <div> line which seems like what you want but I’m sure there is more to your story…

    Not sure about your problems with this Community web site. I, like @Eko-palypse , have no such problems (at least as far as I can tell from your brief description).

  • Usually the staring tag looks the same as the ending tag, just without the forward slash. How does having that in the status bar help? ;) I’m assuming you’re looking for the attributes, but what if there are 10 attributes in the tag? They won’t all fit in the status bar. I would also hate the flashing in the status bar when I was arrowing around a page and there would probably be a performance penalty.

    If Scott’s suggestion of collapsing doesn’t work for you, you could install one the many HTML plugins like “HTML Tag” and then press cntrl-T and be taken immediately to the matching tag, look at what you need, and press cntrl-T again to go back to the closing tag and make your edit. You can also select the tag contents or select the entire tag with the press of a button.

  • what if there are 10 attributes in the tag - simply show the first one - that’s enough to know if your ending tag is on right place or not.

    HTML Tag plugin works, but its ridiculous to create and install a plugin for such a base thing.

  • @Edin-Sujoldzic


    It is also ridiculous to assume that the developers of a free text editor have the exact same priorities as every person who might eventually use that editor.

    Don had the foresight to add the ability to have plug-ins to extend the functionality in pretty much limitless ways. You should be grateful that this editor exists and that there is a plug-in for it that provides exactly the function you need.


  • @Edin-Sujoldzic

    the summary so far is:
    I must …
    Why simply not …
    Unbelievable …
    developers didn’t care …
    What to say …
    ridiculous …

    i assume you must have had a few very bad days lately, but i doubt that this attitude makes them any better.

    did you consider jogging as a stress relief and/or to use another ide/editor ?

  • So what I find really awesome is that often (but not always) when we have a rude poster with a problem, people still go out of their way to pose solutions to that problem instead of just “clicking-thru”.

    While I have never had the OP’s problem myself (don’t do much with HTML or XML), I was intrigued by the what-would-I-do-if-I-had-this-problem aspect. So I created a little HTML file that would mimic the OP’s situation and then I started playing with it. I really had no idea that if you fold it and then hit up arrow it would take you to the top line.

    So what happened is that I learned something cool and useful and I pretty much forgot the OP’s rudeness while doing that. I call that a net win for myself and perhaps others that read this thread (that didn’t know that would be how it works).

    However, to fold with the mouse as I suggested, you have to have the top line on the screen, and this really isn’t useful if you are 500 lines away from it. :-(


  • @Scott-Sumner said:

    to fold with the mouse as I suggested, you have to have the top line on the screen, and this really isn’t useful if you are 500 lines away from it. :-(

    …but a keycombo tied to View (menu) -> Collapse Current Level would be useful in such a circumstance.

  • @Scott-Sumner

    Thanks for making me feel badly about my previous post. :-)

    On my version of NPP (6.8.3!), Ctrl+Alt+F is mapped to View -> Collapse Current Level and Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F is mapped to View -> Uncollapse Current Level . I may just have to use those some day…

  • @Jim-Dailey said:

    Thanks for making me feel badly about my previous post

    Not my intent…and I’m actually not sure why you’d feel that way…your post was great–I don’t wanna be the only one doing the Zingers here! In fact I wish I had your (usual) discipline to NOT respond to rude/clueless posts in a “snarky” way…like I’m known to do!

    mapped to View -> Collapse Current Level and …mapped to View -> Uncollapse Current Level

    I had these unmapped UNTIL this thread came along. Now I’ve mapped them and will be seeing how they work with Python code. One of my “problems” with Python thus far is that I can’t do “brace-matching” to jump around in blocks of code (like I can do with C/C++/C# where I can match the { and } and jump to either end).

    My workaround has been to mentally note what column some code starts in, and then when looking for the match farther down/up I have to look for that same column to see the “block”. This is trivial if the section is viewable on one screen, but when it gets far apart…well, it is a very similar problem to the OP’s. Collapsing and uncollapsing may help here…I will see. If it works out as a viable technique, well then I guess I have our rude OP to thank for it. :-)

  • @Jim-Dailey
    i hope you didn’t spoil a “if you want it, search for it” … at least that’s why i didn’t post it ;-)
    yes, it’s the same for all versions, unless it’s in conflict with a plugin’s shortcut.
    i memorized the word “fold” to remember that it’s ctrl+alt+f, because i don’t need it often

  • @Meta-Chuh Great tip (Fold) to remember Ctrl-Alt-F!

  • Are you all drunk here or… what ?

    User can’t see what is the starting tag of a closing tag. That’s all.

    Folding, Unfolding, Ctrl Alt F - dosesn’t help because it hides the closing tag.

  • @Edin-Sujoldzic

    I suppose the best advice one could offer you would be to stop using Notepad++ as it bothers you so much, and choose another text editor. As I presume that is what you will do, I wish you farewell from this Community. We don’t expect to see you post again. Cheers, mate!

    To the others, since we’ve started talking about keycombos, I’d like to say that I dislike it when people talk about keycombos (as opposed to the functionality tied to whatever keycombo). [Not that this is done in this thread, really.]

    Here’s why: When I started using Notepad++, it wasn’t my first text editor. Thus I was used to keycombos from years of use of a previous editor. I was delighted to find that in Notepad++ I could remove all of the default keycombos (one at a time) and reassign them to what I was used to. Thus I didn’t adapt to Notepad++, Notepad++ adapted to me. In fact, if Notepad++ didn’t provide this, I would likely be using a different text editor today.

    So if someone posts here and talks about only a keycombo, I have to (well, if I choose to…) go to a fresh portable install with all of the default keycombos in place and see what they are talking about. Is this a big deal to me? No.

    But…I think it would be better if people talked in terms of functionality and then it is always clear to readers here that might have remapped keycombos. Even talking in terms of both: functionality (default keycombo: ctrl+shift+___) is better than just some keycombo alone that may or may not mean anything to extensive remappers.

    My 2c, probably no one cares…everyone is just a drone, adapting their thinking to whatever Notepad++ designers have given them for keycombos. :-)

  • @Edin-Sujoldzic ,

    This is a Community Forum, made up of the Community of Notepad++ users – ie, very few people here have contributed to the codebase for NPP, and even fewer have any influence as to which features the owner/developer decides to incorporate. As fellow users, we can help you find a feature if you didn’t know it existed (assuming such existed), or we can give you reasonable workarounds – and folding and then unfolding to see where the matching tag is a quite reasonable workaround – or we can point you to the github issues page, which is the official location to request a feature, like @Eko-palypse did for you. We have done the latter two of those three possibilities, and the first wasn’t done because we don’t think the exact feature you requested exists.

    I am not sure what more you could have expected us to do, or how we could have been more helpful to you. To respond in rudeness and anger seems a poor way to get help here, and if you behave similarly when you ask this question or other questions elsewhere, you are likely to sour the milk wherever you go. (And, I hate to say it, but given the attitude you’ve expressed so far, you’re probably unlikely to find any more help in this forum. Human nature: people don’t like their hard work and volunteer effort spurned in such a manner, and are turned off from helping when they are treated in such a manner.) Good luck.

  • @Scott Summer

    I suppose the best advice one could offer you would be to stop using Notepad++. I wish you farewell from this Community. We don’t expect to see you post again. Cheers, mate!

    Is that your best about - why npp is without such a base functionality?

    So I wish you farewell from any community linked to any application, free or non-free, especially application for coding.

    It’s a too serious job for such a concept - stop using that application.

    @Peter Jones

    This is just a community forum - ok.

    What’s not ok - that someone on the forum can say - why you need the info about starting tag?

    Or - npp is free - you’re expecting too much.

    Or - you can fold/unfold tags content… - which doesn’t help.

    I don’t need any help from this community. I just can’t believe that no one here can’t say - the info about starting/closing tag is a must.

    Having such a community - Notepad++ will never be a robust, serious application.


  • You are free to take our advice, or not. You were rude to us, so you really shouldn’t be surprised if community members start responding harshly. When the strongest you get is “I wish you farewell” and "“We don’t expect you back” (because you don’t like it here, so obviously we don’t expect you back) and “good luck”, you’ve been pretty fortunate.

    You never previously asked “why” Notepad++ was missing this functionality, so bringing it up in your parting shot seems strange to me. If you wanted to know why, you should have asked earlier, before you had erased all goodwill you had. The why is actually easy: because the developer Don Ho never added it, and, as far as I know, because he’s never been asked to add it. (I haven’t searched the historical issues for this specific request, so maybe it has been asked for.)

    Regarding the actual task that you couldn’t solve: if you had been more polite, I would have suggested that it could probably be implemented in PythonScript or LuaScript plugins, which could have added the information you wanted to the status bar without too much difficulty. I might have even been able to cobble together a stab at it, though my Python skills aren’t great. Given your attitude and parting shots, I’m doubting you will ever see this partial suggestion. I am posting it, though, because I believe that someone else might come with a similar request for help, and if they find this thread, I want to be able to help them.

    You can complain that Scott suggested you stop using Notepad++ if you want. However, you should know, he did it only because Notepad++ was so obviously not meeting your needs: when something does not meet your needs, the reasonable choices are: politely ask for help in making it meet your needs, whether it be in the way you expect, or as a workaround; politely submit a feature request; or calmly and reasonably choosing to find a different product that does meet your needs. Since you had exhausted politeness, and didn’t seem willing to use our suggested workarounds (and were unwilling to explain why they were unsufficient), and since you were unwilling to make a feature request (which seems strange to me, given the level of effort you went to while complaining about our supposed lack of help), Scott didn’t see any alternative advice to give you, other than to recommend that his best remaining advice was for you to find a tool that does meet your needs.

    In your response directly to me:

    • I never noticed that anybody asked why you would want info about the starting tag. If they had, maybe it was because knowing why you need the information might help us tailor our response to your needs.

    • I never said “it is free, so you are expecting too much”. However, since you brought it up: if you are asking for help in a community forum for a free product where you haven’t paid for support, you only get as much out of the request as what you put into it – not how much you pay, but what you put into it. If you demand things of the volunteers who are not being paid to help you, and if you are rude to them, you shoudn’t be surprised if you get rudeness back. But instead, here, you got people who repeatedly gave you good advice, and who were genuinely trying to help you despite your rudeness. That’s pretty good value, in my opinion.

    • “fold/unforld tags … doesn’t help”: you’ve never actually explained why that’s insufficient. Your original request was to find the opening tag: When you fold that pair, it shows you the opening tag; true, it hides the closing tag, but your cursor is still technically on that closing tag, so you haven’t lost anything; you can look at the line number where the opening tag was, and then unfold to get you back exactly where you were. If you want to be able to go to the line with the opening tag, you can hit the up arrow once, and you’re there; if you then want to edit near the opening tag, just unfold, et voila. I don’t see how it doesn’t meet your needs, and you never tried to explain how it doesn’t.

    • “I don’t need any help” – well, it sure sounded that way when you started: you asked for our help, so we assumed you needed, or at least wanted, our help.

    • “I just can’t believe that no one here can’t say” – that doesn’t parse the way you intended it to.

    Notepad++ is a serious, robust application. It’s been around for years – I think I’ve been using it for more than a decade.


  • One can understand that free developers have no enough time, but it’s hard to understand that anyone can say - solution is here - you must fold… unfold… press arrows to see the cursor…

    Instead of just read that info in status bar.

    Also, file explorer for win 10 - doesn’t exists.
    Win 10 has its first edition five (5) years ago.

    But, excuse me, I forgot - npp is a robust application, of course.

    Also - funcion list for .js click function - all have the same name - “function”. Totally useless .

    But, excuse me, I forgot - npp is a robust application, of course.

  • You appear to be missing my point. I will try one more time, but this is the last I’ll say in response to you in this thread. (Really, I wish I were willing to let it go. Hopefully, this one last one.)

    No one has asked the developer for the feature, which is why it hasn’t been implemented. You may feel free to submit a request at the link already provided.

    You don’t like the workaround; fine. It apparently doesn’t meet some unspecified need that you have. If you had told us why it doesn’t meet your need, instead of fighting us, someone could have provided a different workaround, or an alternative solution, like a PythonScript which would have put the information on the status bar. But instead of that, you fought us, so you’re likely to be left disappointed in your desire to find this matching tag.

    NPP is easily as robust as most commerically-available software that I deal with, and more robust than many freeware titles out there. If you don’t like the way it does things, fine. But that doesn’t make it not “robust”. It doesn’t have a feature you want: fine, either ask for the feature where the developer will see the request (ie, the github issues page linked above), or find another piece of software that does what you want out of the box.

    I am now going to stop responding to this thread.

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