Bug Report: Maximised Window on Win10 is 1 pixel too wide

  • I hope this is the right place for (very minor) bug reports. On Windows 10 I have three monitors, if I maximise the Notepad++ window on my left-hand monitor, 1 pixel of the window shows on my center monitor. This doesn’t seem to happen from centre to right, or from right to centre.

    Note my centre monitor is 4K on HDMI, left and right are HD on DVI, it that makes any difference.

    Cheers for a great product anyway :)

  • @Daniel-Crosby
    Actually it’s not the best place to post it. I suggest you read the FAQ, specifically https://notepad-plus-plus.org/community/topic/15741/faq-desk-feature-request
    as it mentions where to place (and search for) bugs and feature requests.


  • Thanks Terry. Might I suggest this info might be made a little more visible in the Community groups somehow? I saw a place to report bugs with plugin development, but nowhere obvious for NPP bugs. Even a locked group that just shows the info you just provided would do - TBH FAQs was no a place I thought to look.

  • @Daniel-Crosby ,

    Strange. For me, the FAQ is one of the first places to look in a given community / forum, either to see if it will answer the question I have, or to find out how to use the community / forum.

    Alternately, on the main Notepad++ website, I see a link which says “contribute” – and even as a newbie, that would trigger in my mind “either this is where I can donate, or this is where bugs, feature requests, and code collaboration would go”… and since the next link down was “donate”, that would make me think that “contribute” must be the latter. Going to the Contribute page, the first link in the main text is for submitting bug reports.

    If I could edit the title of the relevant FAQ Topic from “Feature Request” to “Feature Request or Bug Report”, I probably would. I don’t have that superpower, but @guy038 does, so maybe Guy will go make that one more obvious to newbies. :-)

  • @PeterJones said:

    For me, the FAQ is one of the first places to look

    This should be the first thought of anyone that uses a computer and the internet.

    edit the title…from “Feature Request” to “Feature Request or Bug Report”

    I have often thought this as well!

  • @Daniel-Crosby

    sorry that we don’t have an answer, i think mainly because it doesn’t seem to be reproducible on 1080p or mixed 1080p/2k/2.5k monitors

    i’ve just tried it with win10-1809 using a mixture of above monitors, including a 2880x1800 display and i can’t get a 1 pixel line on the neighbouring display neither to the left nor to the right, regardless of the screen i use and regardless of the arrangement of the displays (left, middle, right)

    what happens if you temporarily set the scaling to 100% on all displays ?
    (i know, i know, not readable on the 4k one, but just for testing)
    maybe the windows scaler is glitchy in combination with np++ and zooms a part of this window to the neighbour (200% of the last/first pixel row of a 100% scaled neighbouring display)

    did you find any other applications that behave the same if you maximise its window ?

    i know that none of this will solve your problem, but it might help to understand why it happens, if it’s of any interest

  • Hi, @peterjones,

    About the FAQ title : Your wish is granted ;-))



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