How to jump to the starting tag of a code block without scrolling

  • Some days ago we had an unpleasant thread around here in the forum where someone asked how to know in an HTML file the starting tag of a code block without scrolling. Since this thread has been deleted for well known reasons I am not able to leave a comment there.

    But I have learned that there is a plugin which can jump between the beginning and the end of a code folding block and as such would be helpful for the requested task.

    I want to share that knowledge but all the time I try that, the forum shows an error message that my posting has been flagged as spam by I don’t know the reason for that, maybe it’s the links I would like to embed in my comment. Thus I try to open a new topic without using links, they will follow below.

  • The plugin is named YEtc. Its code is hosted at GitHub. Since its original author is japanese, the ZIP file with the DLL can only be downloaded from a japanese website. It seems like doesn’t like the address of that site, thus I can not post it here. But it is obtainable on the main page of the repository above. You have to translate that website by e.g. Google translation service to find the right download link.

    The author is the same one who wrote the Horizontal Ruler plugin. On the japanese website mentioned above one can find links to the source code and ZIP packages of the two plugins mentioned before and of some others as well, which seem to be of interest for japanese people only, though.

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