Make Notepad++ use the same language as the system

  • I would like to suggest a change in UI language of Notepad++. Localization should ideally match the system’s default language, as in many tools these days. So if i use Windows in Spanish language i would like that Notepad++ defaults to the same language, if a translation exists of course. I believe the installer defaults to the system language already, but the Notepad++ not yet, unfortunately.

  • @Nora-Weismann

    the installer lets you choose the language.
    notepad++ will be set to the language you selected inside the installer.

    if you already installed notepad++ without choosing your language, you can change the language in the menu:
    settings > preferences > general > localization.

    if you don’t have any languages but english in this drop down menu, just run the installer again, selecting your desired language and/or other languages to be installed.
    (tick the desired languages in the localization section of the installer)

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