You've a lot of reasons to hate Notepad++

  • @pnedev

    Stopping the production of Notepad++ thongs is what I actually call “Notepad++ boycotting”

    my conspiracy theory is, that production of the notepad++ thongs was stopped to save marriages.
    i can imagine how many wifes must have filed for a divorce, after seeing their husbands wearing that thong … and now that i wrote that, i sincerely hope that i will get that picture out of my head again 😂😂😂

  • Oh yes, and in addition to the LW leaning, I just found one more reason - I took the time to write out a clear question regarding my CSS file not updating, and I mentioned that Windows told me to contact my coding app for an answer (ie, Notepad++). And I get a response saying that there was nothing Notepad related in my posting, so it’s off topic. Awesome. So maybe you have to actually WRITE the word Notepad? That is one crazy lizard.

  • @Laurie-Dimarco

    Perhaps in the other thread I should have pointed you to this:

    But in my defense, I couldn’t because I just now noticed it in the FAQ section.

    The reason your question was off-topic was because you were “baking cookies”.

  • @donho said:

    For its “Windows only” support
    For its GPL’s left wing policy
    For its anti-copyright’s copyleft Licence
    For its moral higher ground
    For its new Plugins Admin
    For its good taste humour in its Easter eggs

    et aussi pour votre engagement politique contre les milliers de c… qui critiquent mais qui utilisent
    et parce que j’utilise tous les jours le puissant outil de regex pour traiter des taches qui me prendraient des heures
    et parce que quand on offre un truc on est pas obligé de supporter la critique et parce que quand c’est moi qui fait c’est moi qui dit.
    Bravo les gars je vais faire un don vous êtes une référence ne changez rien !

  • I Hope offical home website do not use the flag represents the country

    I think it is not friendly for people.

    And i suggest to edit all Chinese -> Traditional Chinese(Taiwan).
    Chinese Simplified -> Simplified Chinese(PRC).

    like this:

    If you are free,i hope too the home website to add Simplified Chinese Introduction and use zh-cn or zh-tw to represents Traditional Chinese or Simplified Chinese in offical home website.


  • Add “for gay support”

  • Keep the gay propaganda all the time so that people don’t waste time.

  • So this latest 7.7 version seems to be “Gay marriage support edition”.
    I’m fine with the issue, but does it need to be advertised in the actual software? How about restricting it to just to website?
    I think I’ll find some other text editor that doesn’t virtue signal into my face.

  • @Cobra-Merde

    notepad++ is made by humans for humans, and not a corporate product.

    if any author wishes to say what’s on his/her mind, it is very welcome that they do so, as it prevents notepad++ from becoming a sterile piece of software, where no-one can identify himself/herself anymore.

    ps: if you feel agitated by the subtile rainbow chameleon at the “about notepad++” window, please don’t open it.

    many thanks and best regards.

  • @Meta-Chuh
    I didn’t know identifying himself/herself/zieself was a thing with a piece of software, nor that it prevents it becoming sterile (dunno what that means really and what’s the value in it).
    But sure, author is totally free to use his/her/zir software as a soap box for political messaging.
    I like my tools to be non-political, so I’ll look elsewhere. PSPad seems pretty nice.

  • @Cobra-Merde said:

    How about restricting it to just to website?

    Without meaning to offend anybody I second that.

    It seem to me that proclamation and propaganda in Notepad++ itself is something that contradicts with its “Advertisement free” policy.

  • @Cobra-Merde
    Personally, it doesn’t matter to me who belongs to “lgbt” … more important is the functionality and reliability of notepad ++

  • @pnedev said:

    It seem to me that proclamation and propaganda in Notepad++ itself is something that contradicts with its “Advertisement free” policy.

    Agreed. The author I guess is free to be a “supreme being” as far as his software goes, and define what is “advertising”, even if that definition is hypocritical.

  • @Alan-Kilborn

    don’t panic.

    this is neither advertising, nor does it mean that any of us is gay, lesbian, nerdy, straight, or a vogon from another galaxy.
    it’s just a kudos for everyone that stands up against any kind of suppression.

  • There are many sins of pleasing the body. Love is in thought.
    If you make the program free, then make it free, pure good. If you want to support your ideas as a program fee, then I’ll rather pay than support things that disgust me. The program fee becomes more expensive than the money option. Or rather completely incompatible with the ability to use. When you meet people you talk on topics that are interesting to everyone, the program helps and any person on the planet will say this, so leave it pure good. No need to add that you like to drink or smoke and impose your lifestyle. Do not you see that these are personal acts and they will not always be pleasant to others. It is better to boast that you donated money to children without parents.

  • Even though this

    I’ll rather pay than support things that disgust me. The program fee becomes more expensive than the money option.

    sounds a little bit homophobe, when I imagine @donho would release Notepad++ versions with racist, fascist or other mottos being discriminating against a certain group of human beings I wouldn’t be happy any more.

    Thus, I indeed support the demand for not spreading around political messages together with a software which should only be a useful tool.

  • I tried AkelPad. Here are my configuration files I am glad that highlighting works with regular expressions. Made a black theme and added some lexers.

  • dinkumoil

    sounds a little bit homophobe

    God is homophobic

  • @AZJIO-AZJIO said:

    God is homophobic

    That’s blasphemy. Its getting worse …

  • Did you read the bible?
    1 Corinthians 6:9
    1st Timothy 1
    1 Peter 4:3

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