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  • I know, the team should be busy upgrading the new v7.6. Just asking…
    I’ve deleted the old version with all the plugins cause I had problems with the new version. Trying to reinstall 7-zip portable version 7.6 with plugins didn’t help, as I was told that the portable version doesn’t support Plugins Admin yet.
    So, my question is Can we expect Plugins Admin integration into portable versions and if so, when approximately?


  • @Eko-palypse,
    Brilliant solution indeed! Thank you very much! It helped great. Now I can use Plugin Admin with the latest portable version 7.6.1.

  • @MrSimurq

    plugins admin has been added to the portable version of notepad++ today 👍

  • Yes, but plugins can not be updated or reinstalled.
    After selecting the plugins, notepad ++ restarts, but neither the updates nor the installation of plugins was performed …

  • @Carsten-S.

    welcome to the notepad++ community.

    After selecting the plugins, notepad ++ restarts, but neither the updates nor the installation of plugins was performed …

    i can not reproduce this, except if you are missing full rights to the parent folder where you have put your portable npp.7.6.2.bin.

    please try to download a fresh portable version from here
    put the zip file on your desktop, and extract it to a folder on your desktop
    open this folder and execute notepad++ by double clicking on notepad++.exe
    then try installing any plugin, for example nppftp, using plugins admin

    if this works, then do following crosscheck:
    search for your original portable notepad++.exe
    right click on it and run it as administrator
    then try installing any plugin, for example nppftp, using plugins admin


    • you should not put a portable version to C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86) due to restricted permissions of those folders
    • has to be extracted to a folder and should not be run directly from the zip file

  • Hi, i use the latest version of NP++ 7.6.2, but i can NOT see my old plugins (from the previous NP++ versions) …
    the plugins are under c:\TOOLS\NP++\plugins.
    When i use the new Plugin-Management and install new plugins, they are installed in the same c:\TOOLS\NP++\plugins. directory.
    So why do NP++ doesn’t work with my old plugins??

  • welcome to the notepad++ community @Bob-Forster

    you just have to create a subfolder within plugins with exactly the same name as the plugin.dll (without the extension .dll) and move the plugin.dll into this folder.

    if a plugin, for example NppFTP is currently located in c:\TOOLS\NP++\plugins\NppFTP.dll on your machine, you will have to create a separate sub folder for it and move it there

  • Many thanks, yes it seems to work for some of the plugins but not for all… :(

  • @Meta-Chuh
    I tried everything No plugins are installed. Is it possible to create a logfile to see more exactly what the problem is?
    An error message does not appear.

  • @Carsten-S.
    sorry for the delayed reply.

    unfortunately there is no log for plugins admin’s traffic attempts at the moment, and it still lacks many error messages, as well as proxy support.

    but if you have time, please start the portable notepad++ you have downloaded from the link above.
    then go to the help menu (?) and select debug info
    copy this debug info into the clipboard and paste it here.

    also please try the same portable version from the link above on another pc, using a different internet connection and preferably a different location, then tell us your result.

    if it is of interest, two possible causes for your described symptoms could be:

    the machine that shows this behaviour is behind a proxy server that separates this machine from a direct access to the internet.
    (you can crosscheck this by opening cmd.exe and enter ping if the host could not be found, you are most likely behind a proxy)

    the affected user account on the machine that shows this behaviour, has permissions to create and modify files on the desktop, but spawned 3rd processes, started by an application which is executed and/or owned by this account, lack the permission to create files or folder structures.

  • hello Meta Chuh,
    i tried it in another network environment and it works.

    I miss both a successful installation / update, as well as an error, a corresponding error message.
    The fact that the application does not report an error message does not make it easier to find it yourself.

  • @Carsten-S.

    The fact that the application does not report an error message does not make it easier to find it yourself.

    i agree completely.
    plugins admin is still kind of beta at the moment, but it looks already very promising and it’s tamper safer due to, for example, a plugins list that has to be code signed to work.

    big things yet to do are:

    • add proxy support
    • add a list of common error messages that are known already
    • make the plugins list sorted (currently they show in text order of the json list in nppPluginList.dll)

  • @ np ++ 7.6.2
    Iin the menu “?” i found the entry “Set Updater Proxy …”. Now the Updater works also in my current network environment.

  • @Carsten-S.

    my sincere apologies, i completely missed out, that proxy support for plugins admin already exists.
    i am so embarrassed right now (but in a good way, as it will remind me to test everything once more, before i give an answer that could be wrong).

    now that i had a closer look at it, it even seems as proxy support for plugins admin already has been there for a while, as it uses the same gup.exe updater, which already supported proxys (without credentials).

    btw.: big thanks for reporting back, sharing your findings and for not giving up until you solved the problem, even after my incorrect post.

  • I tried to use both, installer and portable version of notepad++ v7.6.2
    I am trying to install compare plugin but no success in the installer as well as portable.
    Tried to ping for command prompt it is working fine.
    Any help or suggestions.?

  • welcome to the notepad++ community, @Viral-Tailor

    can you install any other plugin using the built in “plugins admin” ?
    (note: do not use the old “plugin manager” to install any plugins, as it is not compatible with newer versions of notepad++ 7.6.x and above.)

    please also post your notepad++ debug information here.
    (notepad++ menu > ? > debug info > copy to clipboard)
    preferably both from your installed and your portable version.

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