Uploading a zip file

  • This is my first time using NotePad I have a website I need to put together it has a zip file it’s from Boars Head it’s basically a template once uploaded all I need to do is change the contact and business name, can I do this with NotePad?

  • @Edward-Montez

    Notepad++ is a text editor…which means it can do text editing. Not sure how what you’re asking falls into that category.

  • @Edward-Montez

    hello and welcome to the notepad++ community.

    usually you have to unzip your file locally,
    change the template files to your needs using notepad++,
    and then upload the extracted files uncompressed to your web server using external ftp progrms like filezilla or the notepad++ NppFTP plugin.
    (you can install NppFTP plugin in notepad++ by using the menu
    plugins > plugins admin and search for ftp)

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