merry x-mas to everyone

  • merry x-mas to everyone.

    many thanks to donho and all devs for creating, enhancing and maintaining notepad++ again for another year and the future … with the goal of complete editor world domination ;-)

    and of course the annual special thanks to all regulars, newly catched regulars and welcome back regulars, for sharing their free time and knowledge to help out every np++ community member, supporting everyone, from beginner to pro, in every possible way.

    we probably had more cryptic, demandingly written or impolite help request this year than any year before,
    but it’s so nice that even then, every core regular helped out as a team,
    either by taking his time to read what the request could be, decrypting the original requests for us,
    or by providing a suitable answer,
    or by discovering flaws and inconsistencies in the original requests and/or answers by probably simulating the whole op’s infrastructure,
    or by explaining in detail how the given solutions work,
    or just by simply calming everyone down in a “never lose your temper” style ;-)

    there even were occasions where we got some thanks and feedback from op’s whose threads had a bad start, which is the best sign of all, showing everything went into the right direction.

    let’s enjoy this christmas together in every ways we like to do
    (even those who just enjoy if it’s over ;-) )

    with sincere and best regards,

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