after moving to ProgramData, plugin manager shows no plugin

  • I installed 7.6.1 and moved all my plugins to ProgramData, all my plugins seems to be working.

    However when I run plugin manager, I get the following screen
    that shows no plugins are installed.

    so it can’t update plugins from within npp.

    What I missed? how to correct it?


  • update: as no plugin was appearin as installed in plugin manager, I installed pluginmanager itself to see what happens. It installed and is now appearing in pluginmanager list of installed plugin.

    Does it mean I have to reinstall all plugins from within pluginmanager to make them appear in pluginmanager list of installed plugin.

    odd that none of you faced this issue and only I did.


  • @V-S-Rawat

    “plugin manager” is an external plugin application and not part of the official notepad++ release, and it is not compatible with 7.6.0 and above as it uses the old folder structures.
    you will have to report all plugin manager related issues here:

    but i recommend to update to 7.6.2 from here:
    which contains the newest official “plugins admin” as seen in the screenshot below, and use it instead of “plugin manager”.

    note: there are still a few plugins missing in plugins admin, but they will probably be added as soon as they have been adapted to the new folder structures and submitted to the official plugins list.

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