Changing font size

  • The style configurator allows the font name and size to be set for each language. I can’t seem to get it to work, however. The font set for the global style seems to always be used instead. Am I doing something wrong, is this a bug, or is this a capability that just hasn’t been implemented yet?

  • @Freon-Sandoz

    style configurator works.

    if you immediately see the font changes in global > default style, but not in your language, you might have chosen a wrong language in the style configuration list.

    for example a php/html combination will need the style confirator settings of html too


    you don’t have to press save & close to see the changes, so you can play around with all languages to find your desired one and hit cancel to reset all to the previous settings

    you can set your font and size in global > default style if you want to set it for all your languages

  • @Freon-Sandoz ,

    Further to what @Meta-Chuh said: When doing Language: Global Styles, there are two “global fonts”. There’s the one @Meta-Chuh mentioned, which is Style: Default Style, and Style: Global override. For Default Style, if you set the Font Name, that font will take effect for any styling in any language that doesn’t have a specific font mentioned. For Global Override, if you set the Font Name and set ☑ Enable global font, it will use that Override font for every piece of text, ignoring your settings for Default Style‘s font and your settings for individual language/style-pairs’ fonts.

  • Sorry, I’m just not getting it. I’m trying to use a larger font when editing Perl files and a smaller font for text files. I can change the size of the font for a few specific style selections like strings, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to make all text larger, and I can’t find any way to increase the font size for punctuation Changing the font size for the DEFAULT style doesn’t seem to do anything. My eyes aren’t the best anymore, and I can’t tell the difference between parens and braces using a small font, so those are what I need most to enlarge. Thanks

  • @Freon-Sandoz

    In the context of what Peter tried to explain, maybe follow those instructions, telling us exactly what you did for your specific case, and of course what you saw when you did what you did. Your most recent reply is too light on detail to be able to make any determinations for you, yet.

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