find in files question

  • I was searching for a particular string in series of folders containing approx. 100k files.

    I use UNC mapping for my drive assignments; i.e. \\Main folder\Sub folders

    When I switched the above to Q:\Main folder\Sub folders the search ran and produced results.

    Is it possible to use UNC in searches???

  • @Murray-Sobol

    using unc paths for “find in files” will (or at least should) work under following conditions:

    • your user has access to this unc path without needing to enter any credentials.
      please crosscheck this and paste your desired unc path (like \\\Main folder\Sub folders) in explorer and make sure it opens without any user/password requests

    • your notepad++ must not be running in [administrator] mode or in any state where you are not able to drag and drop any file into notepad++, as it will not use or provide the active network credentials of your current user account to the file server

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