Move forward to x64

  • Why npp doesn’t want to show x64 version as main version?
    based on this link more than 98% of users use x64 systems but at the npp download page 32 bit ver is bold.
    I know more plugins are available for 32 bit but at the moment a lot of them have x64 version.
    Making x64 bold will encourage evelopers to compile their plugins x64.

  • @Arash-m ,

    “bold” isn’t quote the word I would use, because all the text is identical size/boldness for the 32bit and 64bit.

    But yes, the 32bit is listed first (that could arguably be caused by “alphanumeric sort”) and 32bit has the big download icon, whereas the 64bit just has the textual links – so it does seem to emphasize / encourage 32bit download over the 64bit download.

    If you want to improve the chances that the developer will notice your suggestion, follow the instructions in the FAQ for adding an issue to the issues page.

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