NppFTP Files won't refresh

  • When I add a new file to my project folder, it does not appear in the NppFTP folder. I’ve tried refreshing and opening and closing the folders and app. Nothing changes the original list of files I loaded in NppFTP. Please advise.

  • You’ll have to be a bit more specific.

    • When you say “it does not appear in the NppFTP folder”, what folder are you talking about?
      • Do you mean it does not appear in the tree-hierarchy in the NppFTP pane embedded in the Notepad++ interface?
      • Or do you mean the local folder where NppFTP keeps them on your local machine (ie, the directory that’s pointed to by NppFTP > Gear Icon [Settings] > General Settings > Global Cache or a subdirectory thereof)
    • When you “add[ed] a new file to my project folder”, did you add that file on the local side, or on the remote side?
      • If you created it by making a new file in Notepad++, and saving it to the same folder as the other local copies of the files are stored while you’re editing them (ie, File > New or the new-file icon), you’ll have to upload it to the server (with the new file active in Notepad++, click on the Upload File button in the NppFTP pane)
      • if you created it on the server side (NppFTP > Select Folder > RClick > Create New File), you have to download the file before it’s editable by Notepad++ through the NppFTP interface

  • Thanks for your assistance. I’m not real techy, but enjoy web dev as a hobby ( I’m trying to break away from Dreamweaver as the annual contract is coming to an end.

    I added the jpg file to the site folder on my local computer. This file then immediately appeared in my file list in Notepad++. It does not appear in the NppFTP tree-hierarchy embedded in the Notepad++ interface, so I cannot upload it to my domain host.

  • When you say “this file then immediately appeared in my file list in Notepad++”: which file list do you mean? File > Open dialog box? Or the View > Folder as Workspace (which shows up as a pane labeled Folder as Workspace)? Or **View > Project > Project Panel #** (which shows up as a pane labeled Project`)? Or do you have another “file list” you’re talking about?

    To upload it, I think you can open the jpg in Notepad++ (so that you see the binary data represented as funny-looking text), and then click the upload button in the NppFTP, and it should upload it to the server. (I was able to do that, though I don’t guarantee that it would transfer in binary mode.) If that doesn’t work, you might want to use a separate FTP program (FileZilla is what I use) for uploading your non-text files (like images) to the server.

  • @PeterJones said:

    funny-looking text

    made my day 😂👍😂 best description ever.
    i confirm that you can always (*) open a jpg as binary text representation in notepad++ and upload it via nppftp. nppftp will analyse the content and change to 8 bit binary type i automatically.
    ( * disclaimer: my always means: at least every time i did this, it worked ;-) )

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