Function list is not working anymore

  • It seems for a few updates now, the function list stopped… functioning. Very annoying. Every time there is an update, I do not know if this is fixed or not. So I have to install the new version first to see if it is fixed, then I have to de-install it, and put back the old version in place that has a functioning function list (version 6.9.1 in my case). Lot of work, time wasting each time again and again.
    What is going on?

  • @Stefaan-Casier

    I don’t have an answer about the function list functionality, but maybe a method to ease your pain for brute force testing to see if it is fixed in new releases: Check it out in the “portable” version of a new release. It doesn’t require uninstalling your day-to-day N++, plus “deinstalling” the portable version is just an Explorer delete action on the top-level folder.

    Also, any reason to stick with 6.9.1 (quite old)? Are you implying that that is the most-recent version where function list works for you? If so maybe elaborate here on what exactly is malfunctioning…

  • @Stefaan-Casier could you elaborate on what stopped functioning, for what language(s)?

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