ReOpen: Search in Files - Progress window make background

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    Sounds like it was resolved, but is reverted. I’m running V7.5.9 and the in progress dialog is essentially modal. i.e. I can’t do anything else in NP++ while it’s searching.


  • @zabullet ,

    You’re right: it does appear that if you’re doing a find-in-files that takes a long time, Notepad++ won’t respond while the search is ongoing (ie, while the progress dialog is there). I confirmed with the most-recent 7.6.3. Sounds like you might want to make a bug report.

    As is explained in this FAQ, posting here in the community forum is unlikely to get a bug fixed, because the developer doesn’t look for bug reports here (in general). The appropriate place is the github issues page linked in the FAQ. Make sure you search the open issues to see if there’s already an open ticket for the issue.

    If you do file a bug report (or find an existing one), it would be nice to add the link to that report here in this topic, so future readers can follow that link to see progress on the issue.

  • @PeterJones said:

    you might want to make a bug report

    A “bug report” might be a little strong…AFAIK this is how it is designed to work. A “feature request” would be better. Although I guess there isn’t much of a distinction between the 2 on the “issues” list. :)

    But really, there are already multiple “issues” about such a thing, and the developers of Notepad++ don’t seem to think the current way it operates is a problem, so…

  • Ah, right. I misunderstood the old thread: I thought that as of v6.8.8, it wasn’t supposed to be blocking the rest of Notepad++… but now that I re-read that, the original complaint there was that it was always-in-front, even if you tried to pull a different application in front to use.

    I agree, it does seem to be designed such that a find-in-files blocks all other Notepad++ actions, and so it wouldn’t be a bug, it would be a feature request. Though, as you say, github issues don’t inherently distinguish between the two, except by tags.

    I hadn’t looked to see if there were already open issues on the topic; I just thought if the OP wanted to make an issue of it, that previous issues should be checked to avoid duplicates.