A BUG on multiple desktops - Windows 10

  • If I switch to another desktop on win 10 I can see the shadow of scrollbar in npp and if clicked on that I am back to npp.

    Can be seen in the video (with my awesome editing skills).


  • welcome to the notepad++ community, @josip

    thanks for your video, it might win this year’s academy award for best editing 😂.

    yes, you are correct, i can reproduce this on a windows 10 pro x64 machine using the latest notepad++ 7.6.3 x64 and x86 under the following conditions:

    • document map (or any similar detachable npp window) has to be opened, and the document has to be larger than one page.
    • this only seems to happen, if you move the notepad++ window using “task view”
      (drag and drop notepad++ from one monitor to another seems fine)

    this happens if you use the task view switcher to move notepad++ to a virtual second desktop, as well as to a physical desktop.

    if anyone wants to see something funny:
    once reproduced, disable document map. now everything looks normal and you can click at the position where the shadow was left, nothing will happen.
    now re-enable document map, and booom … notepad++ is on one screen, and the clickable shadow is back on the other screen.

    now to what you can do, if it is of relevance to you:

    if you want to file this issue to the developers, please read and follow the community guide for bug reports: >>> FAQ Desk: Feature Request or Bug Report <<< to submit a notepad++ issue at github.

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