Looking to find if an envelope can be formatted and printed using Notepad++

  • …as in Word–I think that would get me away from using Word altogether.
    Thanks for any information

  • welcome to the notepad++ community, @Bob-Delmar

    notepad++ is not capable of doing so with it’s built in features.

    you would have to first make a template of your envelope to print, with variable markers where name and address shall be placed.

    then create a file, that contains all names and addresses, having one separated line per address, where name, address, etc. are csv ; style separated
    (eg. an excel export of an address list).

    then you would need to use a scripting language plugin like pythonscript or luascript, and create a script to read line by line of the address text file, replace the variable markers at the source template and trigger printing for each replace loop.

    this would be a nice idea to play around, but far, far more work, than to do it with the built in form letter function of microsoft word.

  • Thanks.
    Your last line says it all…

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