Can anyone help me as new user?

  • Hello - I am on a learning curve here with notepad ++. Just downloaded the latest version
    and trying to edit a landing page. I am using internet explorer because chrome was not working well

    Does anyone know what I have done wrong after I make my edits (replace) etc and then save

    and then select all copy and paste it on my new browser and it turns up completely blank???

    any help or feedback is mighty appreciated! Layla

  • Welcome to the forum, and to Notepad++.

    When editing an HTML file, you don’t just paste it in a browser (like IE or Chrome or Edge or Firefox): you have to open the file in the browser.

    If you want to see what your local copy looks like, after saving it in Notepad++, you should be able to go to the menu Run > Launch in IE (or Chrome, Edge, Firefox – this recent post by @Meta-Chuh explains how to add the launch-in-edge to that menu). Alternately, open your browser, and use the File > Open menu (or equivalent – often, Ctrl+O will bring up the Open dialog) to browse your local computer to find the saved HTML file, and open it.

    If you want to view it on your webserver, you will have to start by uploading the file to the webserver – you can use an external program like FileZilla, or use the NppFTP plugin for Notepad++. Once it’s on your webserver, then you just need to go to the appropriate URL in your browser of choice.

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