Version Incrementation

  • Hi All
    Is there there any way to implement a version number that would be automatically added to my script. I have a service script running on many many hosts and loose track what version of the script is installed where.
    Edit them remotely over the network share. and love to have a little comment line
    #ver 1.0.123
    That would auto increment with every save.
    Can that be done?


  • In pure Notepad++, no.

    You could use the PythonScript plugin to add a callback to the SAVE event, which would search the active buffer for your #!ver line, then auto-increment it. But this is re-inventing the wheel:

    The subversion (svn) version-control system can do that automatically for you using it’s keyword substitution feature. I’m not a git expert, but I think it has something similar. Using version control, like svn or git, for tracking code changes and code versions is A Really Good Idea™, and I’d highly recommend one of those, rather than re-inventing the wheel with scripts inside of Notepad++. (OTOH, adding scripts in Notepad++ to automate the version-control process is not a bad idea)

  • @Maciej-Eckstein

    Peter’s comments aside, HOW exactly would this be useful? It seems like it would be very easy to end up with several version 1.0.124 (for ex.) of scripts that are different content-wise, but yet have the same version # ?

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