UDL: Suffix Mode

  • Thanks for putting the time into this!

    First, will this work on 64 bit N++?

    I had some trouble finding a version of Python Script that was compatible but I managed to find a beta version.

    also, I’m getting this error.

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “C:\Users\mmiller\AppData\Roaming\Notepad++\plugins\Config\PythonScript\scripts\create_strings.py”, line 4, in <module>
    import ctypes
    File “C:\Program Files\Notepad++\plugins\PythonScript\lib\ctypes_init_.py”, line 7, in <module>
    from _ctypes import Union, Structure, Array
    ImportError: No module named _ctypes

  • Yes, as I’m using x64 version as well.
    Where did you download pythonscript plugin from?
    Why didn’t you use Plugin Manager?
    The official release channel for python script plugin is here.

  • I don’t have plugin manager so I went through http://docs.notepad-plus-plus.org/index.php?title=Plugin_Central .

    Thanks for dealing with my idiocy. Going through plugin manager worked perfectly. Is there any way I can donate for your time?

  • @Michael-Miller31

    Is there any way I can donate for your time?

    yes, we urgently need 5 macbook pro’s. 👍
    thanks in advance. 😂

  • Thank you very much for asking and yes there is one thing
    you could do if you like :-)
    It might sound strange but if you have or know a cooking recipe
    which is worth testing - I would appreciate.
    I know tastes are different so … :-)

  • @Meta-Chuh

    REALLY - macbooks … NOWADAYS … :-D

  • I will get you a recipe when I get home from work. :-)

    The macbooks will take some time. :-D

  • https://imgur.com/a/GWRaqec @Eko-palypse here’s my favorite recipe for muffins. :-D

    Thanks again for your help.

    I also realized afterwards that there are a few internal functions that end with $ and don’t start with fn but I just modified the regex to take care of them.

  • @Michael-Miller31

    thank you thank you very much - very much appreciated - I LOVE MUFFINS (who doesn’t ?)
    And also nice to see that you already made the script do what you want.
    Have a nice day.

  • @Michael-Miller31

    Much better to have an actual recipe than simply all the talk of “baking cookies” that goes on around here sometimes!

  • Help, I need somebody help I need somebody heeeelllppp :-D

  • @Eko-palypse

    yesterday … all my troubles seemed so far away :-D

  • I see the Beatles song lyrics references, but I’m unsure why Eko started it??

  • @Michael-Miller31

    I found a little bug in the script.
    The area which needs to be styled is wrongly calculated if there are folded parts within this area.
    Please replace, within the style function, this line
    end_line = start_line + editor.linesOnScreen()
    with that line
    end_line = editor.docLineFromVisible(start_line + editor.linesOnScreen())

  • @Alan-Kilborn said:

    I see the Beatles song lyrics references, but I’m unsure why Eko started it??

    because this was the first thing which came into my mind after reading your comment about Scott-Sumner’s baking cookie comments :-D

  • Hello, @michael-miller31, @eko-palypse, @alan-kilborn, @meta-chuh and All,

    Eko, I’ve just tried your python script and it works fine :-))

    I was a bit intrigued by your regex and I wanted to test other syntaxes. But after a while, I understood that your just take care of group 1 and dismiss the solution fn[A-Za-z0-9_]+?\$ Don’t you ?

    I tested this other solution (\b(?!fn)\w+\$), with success ! Of course, we could get rid of the group 1 but I suppose that your script should be slightly modified !

    Secondly, I tried to build, from the michael’s picture and text, an equivalent UDL, what I named… EKO and after some tests I was surprised because, although I just missed to update the UDL name, in your script, as below :

                self.lexer_name = 'User Defined language file - EKO'

    Seemingly, it does not care about it ?! ( Just a comment : my BR Basic test file has no extension and I didn’t associate the EKO UDL to a specific extension )



  • @guy038

    thanks for testing and sharing an alternative regex.
    Concerning the script, if you just run the script it will flag the current
    document being of interest.
    If you would open multiple UDL documents and switch between them,
    then you should see that those documents work only if the UDL name
    is the one configured in the script.

  • Thanks for this great piece of code, Eko, I had a very similar problem, and simply changed the symbol and the color in the relevant line to fit my case.

    I was just wondering if you could help me with two additions, if it isn’t too much work to integrate:

    1. I have some cases where I don’t just want to change the color of the text, but also change the text from italic to non italic:
      int( —> int(
      Is this possible?

    2. In an ideal case, I would like comment lines to be excluded from this. In my case every line that start with, or contains # would have to be ignored by the python script.

    Thanks in advance, and have a nice day :)

  • @Alexander-Seidel

    I will follow up on this later today from at home as I’m finished with work today. YEAH :-D

  • @Alexander-Seidel

    Hi Alexander, concerning number 2 I would add

    self.excluded_styles = [1, 2]  # SCE_USER_STYLE_COMMENT=1  SCE_USER_STYLE_COMMENTLINE=2

    to the init function like

            def __init__(self):
                editor.callbackSync(self.on_updateui, [SCINTILLANOTIFICATION.UPDATEUI])
                notepad.callback(self.on_langchanged, [NOTIFICATION.LANGCHANGED])
                notepad.callback(self.on_bufferactivated, [NOTIFICATION.BUFFERACTIVATED])
                self.excluded_styles = [1, 2]  # SCE_USER_STYLE_COMMENT=1  SCE_USER_STYLE_COMMENTLINE=2
                self.__is_lexer_doc = False
                self.lexer_name = None
                self.npp_hwnd = user32.FindWindowW(u'Notepad++', None)

    and modify the if clause line in paint_it function to

    if (pos >= 0) and (editor.getStyleAt(pos) not in self.excluded_styles):

    that would skip painting if the matched position is in a comment line or block

    Regarding the first point, no, unfortunately scintilla doesn’t allow to modify
    the font attributes via an indicator other than the foreground color.
    But I’m confused why it is italic at all, in UDL you must have it set explicitly, didn’t you?

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