Bug: Function List's background change unusually

  • I use Noteapad++'s build-in Function List very offen. And I think there is a small bug with its render.
    When I use Window+Tab to switch between difference windows, the background of Function List (and also Project Panel) become white (default is black). My Notepad++ version is 7.6.3.
    Please consider to fix it in the next version!

  • @Long-Lăng-Hoàng , welcome to the Forum (at least for your first post),

    This community forum is a great place for discussing problems, and asking how to do something, or asking what you’re doing wrong to get a strange behavior, or for finding workarounds to bugs and other issues that aren’t going to be “fixed”/changed.

    But if you want a bug fixed in the actual Notepad++ codebase, then this FAQ explains where the best place is to submit such requests. When you do submit an issue as described there, make sure you include screenshots of the “good” rendering and the “bad” rendering. Also, posting a link to the issue here in this topic would be nice, so others can see the progress of your issue.

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