Big5文件,如何快速查看目前(中/英文字數)& 位置

  • 因為很多銀行媒體檔都使用Big格式。


    1. 1~3 碼 = 分行代碼 ( 數字)
    2. 4~10碼 = 帳號 (數字)
    3. 11~30碼 = 中文戶名(中文&符號)

    問題來了我發現 Notepad++ 無法幫助我

    1. 資料位置對不對 (因為上面沒有尺規顯示)
    2. 當我框選文字後,無法知道正確的字數(這個最困擾…)Big5一個中文要算2碼 Notepad++算成3碼了…


    Norepad++ vs UltrEdit 我的困擾

  • According to Google Translate, @馬英狗 wrote,

    Big5 file, how to quickly view the current (Chinese/English word count) & location

    Because many bank media files use the Big format.

    Maybe this bank has a format

    1~3 codes = branch code (number)
    4 to 10 yards = account number (number)
    11~30 yards = Chinese name (Chinese & symbol)
    The problem came, I found that Notepad++ can’t help me.

    The data location is correct (because there is no ruler display above)
    When I select the text, I can’t know the correct number of words (this is the most troublesome…) Big5 one Chinese counts 2 yards Notepad++ counts as 3 yards…
    How can I correctly calculate the number of words and the current text position like UltrEdit?

    I translated this via Google Translate, and posted here, to make it easier for others to chime in (and so that people who are reading don’t have to go translate it themselves to find out that they don’t know how to help)

    Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about Big5, or how to count words/characters in Chinese text data, so I cannot help with that.

    (Though I guess there’s a good chance that anyone who can help with the problem didn’t need me to run google translate for them)

    我通过[谷歌翻译](对此进行了翻译,并在此处发布,以便让其他人更容易插入(以便阅读的人不必自己翻译) 发现他们不知道如何帮助)



  • @ PeterJones А мне можно здесь писать только на русском …(::

  • @andrecool-68
    Вы не против опубликовать более длинный текст на русском языке? Мне бы хотелось посмотреть, как здесь переводится DeepL.

  • @Ekopalypse I use the program QTranslate, very convenient.

  • @andrecool-68

    I remember, isn’t that the program with created some issues for you? :-D
    Я помню, разве не это программа с созданной для вас проблемой?

    Does this translation makes sense?

  • @Ekopalypse It turned out that this program is not guilty, and artifacts with the cursor periodically appear even when this program is disabled.

  • @andrecool-68

    murphy’s law: i bet you will find the perfect flicker solution 48 hours before you buy a new pc, where it does not happen ;-)

  • @Meta-Chuh
    Tired of looking for a solution, I guess I have two left hands?!

  • @andrecool-68

    I guess I have two left hands?!

    not at all.
    you are solving many things, including other people’s problems.
    i would rather guess that i have two left hands, because i was not able to be of help on that issue.

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