Mimic MS Word Font Box

  • I’m looking to enable or add a plug-in for Notepad++ that mimics MS Word font box in home tab as a menu button.
    Specifically, using Notepad++ “Normal Text” language, I’d like to quick edit sentences or individual words typed.
    In Word you just left click to set cursor position in text, drag across to highlight, then click the function wanted in font box, and the highlighted text converts. I use this to underline, bold, highlight, etc, text I want to emphasize.
    Newbie Notepad++ user and Programmer, would appreciate your help.

  • @TheoSky7

    Ummm…you can’t do that kind of stuff with Notepad++. It’s a text editor which is different from a word processor.

  • @Alan-Kilborn Thanks Alan. Perhaps this will become my personal coding challenge for Notepad++.

  • @TheoSky7 said:

    Perhaps this will become my personal coding challenge for Notepad++

    I don’t think you “get it”. As a text editor, Notepad++ doesn’t want or need that type of word-processor functionality. It is important that you understand the difference between a text editor and a word processor!

  • @TheoSky7

    You may be somewhat confused by the distinction between a text editor like Notepad++ and a word processor due to the fact that Notepad++ has the ability to color different words, apply bold fonts to them and such. Notepad++ does this based on rules that it keeps in other files it owns (and that you have certain limited ways to modify), while a word processor does similar work by inserting lots of meta-data into the file that is being edited.

    Notepad++ rules are generally applied to all instances of words or phrases that meet the criteria–you don’t get to say that in some instance the rules should NOT be followed. Because of this, Notepad++ does NOT have to add anything to the file being edited in order to display various words and phrases in different ways.

    But with a word processor, you are free to highlight any word or phrase and have it appear in any manner that the word processor supports. The word processor will add information to the file that tells it how to display that word or phrase.

    So, if you open a file edited by Notepad++ in, say, notepad.exe (another text editor), it will have the exact same words (just none of them will be bold, italic, or different colors because notepad.exe does not support external rule files like Notepad++ does). But, if you open a Word document with notepad.exe (or Notepad++), you will have a lot of trouble trying to identify any of the document’s text. That’s because there will be a lot of meta-data in the file; in fact, the text might not appear in the file at all in any recognizable way.

    In short, text editors only save text, while word processors save text and (many times) a lot more meta-data.

    You could theoretically add the ability to, for example, display comments in some programming language in a “text-box”, but 1) you could not do so to any random text you wanted, and 2) it would require a significant modification to Notepad++ source code to add the ability to draw the text box around the comments.

  • This could be what you want.

    Markdown Literary programming

  • @linpengcheng

    This could be what you want.

    please explain your claim.
    did you actually read and understand the original request ?

  • @Meta-Chuh
    This feature is not possible in a text editor, but if you use markdown, you can achieve the effect in the preview panel and output html or pdf. Finally, you may need a WYSIWYG markdown editor (typora).

  • @linpengcheng

    can you please explain to the original poster, how you are planning to integrate typora into notepad++ ?

    or was this not the goal of your post, but to promote PurefunctionPipelineDataflow at as many places possible ?

  • @Meta-Chuh
    I mean, it’s not NPP that’s right for your needs, If you insist on achieving this feature in notepad++, then the Markdownviewerplusplus plug-in best meets the needs, promotion Purefunctionpipelinedataflow is not good for me, if advertising is allowed, I will promote my product Lin Pengcheng Financial Analyser

    I rarely speak in the NPP community, like you, have recently been supported by the desire to add markdown literary programming features to NPP. So just come to the NPP community to see, by the way answer your question, that’s it, don’t grapple with topics that have nothing to do with NPP.

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